Capillary Mat Plant Starters:

Workings: Smart Valve left rear. Why Are My Seedlings Leggy? This teaser caught my attention and inspired me to talk about my new capillary mat seedling starters. I have used a ‘Smart Valve’ ( to regulate the water in … Continued

Upper Yarra Track: Section Three: Wirilda to Moondarra

The track follows the true right bank (ie facing downstream) of the Tyers river until it crosses on an old pipeline. There are numerous spots where you could stop for a picnic, overnight or for a fish. The impressive cliffs … Continued

Upper Yarra Track: Section One: Moe-Yallourn North Rail Trail:

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This lovely trail starts @ 200 metres East of Moe Railway Station. It passes through Moe’s wonderful Botanic Gardens nestled along Narracan Creek and follows a fringe of bush to the splendid Latrobe River where the awesome cooling towers of … Continued

Fun with Sticky Tape: Mylar Poncho:

49 grams and five minutes that may Save your Life: Follow the instructions here:  As you can see you can sit down against a tree in front of a fire wearing it and be perfectly dry – with a … Continued

Spot’s Hunting Adventures #1: Mystery River

I needed to give the ‘Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter’ (I posted about here: ) a little practical test. What could be a better opportunity than the coldest June night since I was born, I thought. Combining Google Earth … Continued

Vegie Gardening

Hoeing again today (and tomorrow). This has been going on a long, long time:   Hoeing: John Updike (1932-2009) ‘I sometimes fear the younger generation will be deprived of the pleasures of hoeing; there is no knowing how many souls … Continued

THRILLING TALES #5: Shackleton

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99 years ago today Ernest Shackleton was half way between Elephant Island (Antarctica) and South Georgia in a leaky lifeboat. His voyage to Sth Georgia and first crossing of that island is one of the greatest adventure stories of all … Continued

The Next Hiking Adventure Begins!

The next hiking adventure begins! Heading off today to conquer the South Coast Track of New Zealand for 6 days with only our backpacks and stamina. Stay tuned for pics and reports when we return to civilization. (NB this pic … Continued

More Hiking Food: Low GI

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MORE HIKING FOOD: Low GI and cooks in seven minutes, and VERY tasty: Low GI food (like porridge etc) will last you a lot longer as it takes longer to digest. It is also much better for your health. … Continued


Two lovely fat bronzewings enjoying autumn under the Fuji yesterday…Was also visited by a pipit on the verandah outside my (computer) window – the first I have seen here, though I have been hearing him/them and wondering, ‘What Bird Is … Continued

DIY Side Burner Metho Stove

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The Ray Garlington Yet Another Coke Can (YACC) Stove Got 5 minutes, a coke can, and a pair of scissors? If so give this little stove a try. It is easy to make, and uses only one can. Also, the … Continued

Weather for Fiordland

WEATHER: The GFS (US Weather Bureau ‘Global Forecasting Service) forecast for Jeeralang Junction has had yesterday at Jeeralang Junction involving 44mm of rain for the past FORTNIGHT! Yesterday we received 44mm of rain. Our own BOM had us has having … Continued

Titanium Double Wall Wood Stove

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My Father’s Day Suluk 46 TDW titanium double wall wood stove (78 grams) in operation. (Notice how cleanly it burns). WHAT a beauty! I wonder what adventures IT will share: See Also:

1000 Fill Power Down Jackets

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For next year’s winter hiking warmth there is 1000 fill power down: ( but this ‘Mirage’ jacket @$309 should keep Della warm enough this winter: PS: Check out the freebies ($100 worth on this jacket) at Moontrail: they are … Continued

Thomson River Canoe Trip 2006 Video

Here is the unedited video I took with my (alas late) friend Steven Cleaver canoeing this wonderful river in 2006. It had somehow vanished from this website – how alarming! As a foretaste, here is Steve powering down one of … Continued