EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker:

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EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker: This great little device is available here http://www.eyeque.com/home from US$29.99 (July 2017)

You can use this device to ascertain your correct eyeglass prescription. Repeated self-tests will make you more and more accurate. Users report it gives as good or better result than their optometrist. It is very handy for on-line ordering eg from http://www.zennioptical.com/ where you can buy a pair of flexible titanium progressive glasses for $US50 or less.

I have been buying my glasses from Zenni for years. The only time I have had a bad result is when the prescription was wrong. This device should allow me to check my optometrist’s prescription before I order. I will still be having a regular eye check up to make sure I am not developing any other eye problems – such as glaucoma, which blinds you before you are aware of it unless you have a regular visual field test and use it to keep track of your visual field index. Be warned. My wife lost more than half her eyesight before her glaucoma was diagnosed.

I have ordered one of these devices and will download the App to go with it.

PS: You can do the same thing with your hearing aids to save even more money.

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  1. Lawrie

    How did you get around the “does not ship to Australia” obstruction!!??

    • admin

      Hi Lawrie, I use https://www.shipito.com/en/ They also have a virtual credit card service in case you encounter folks who won’t sell to people who don’t have a US credit card. I usually find that shipito’s freight works out cheaper anyway. Often you can purchase the goods with free shipping anywhere in the US. Once it comes to shipito you can also ask them to put it in a cheaper smaller package if it has been put in a very large one (often) for a cheaper shipping fee. You can see what the package looks like. It is a bit slower sometimes. I expect I will have this device inside about ten days. The new glasses will take about another ten days. Cheers, Steve.

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