I have camped out in hammocks a lot. I have tried Hennessy’s, but find it almost impossible to keep my back warm in them, or to keep a sleeping mat under me for that purpose. Della can do it though. A … Continued

Carry a Knife

I have decided on the desirability of carrying a fixed blade knife mainly for those rare occasions when it is necessary to split branches to produce dry kindling and shave them to produce ‘excelsior’ (wood shavings) which are the best … Continued

How to Light A Fire In the Wet!

FIRE (Updated): Getting a fire going (in the rain and wet) is the most important thing you need to know – EVER. If you don’t know it, one day you will DIE from your ignorance. It will always be unexpected. … Continued

Hiking Food: McKenzie’s Quick Cook Soups

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McKenzie’s Quick Cook Soups (180 grams per packet). We tried the first of these, Hearty Vegetable tonight. I expected it would need a bit of spicing up but it did not; it was excellent. HIGHLY recommended. Also discovered that you … Continued

The Ideal Pack

PACKS: A comfy pack will certainly make the difference between a hiking experience being enjoyable and its being a nightmare you are not going to want to repeat. When I was a young teenager I started out with an old … Continued

Wirilda Track

A couple of delightful hours yesterday afternoon. The lower half of the track follows the one of the original Morwell water supply pipelines. There were/are a series of weirs (lowest shown) on the Tyers River long since replaced by the … Continued

Dusky Track Adventures #1

I have been on this track now EIGHT times, first in March 2000; the last time April 2014. I hope it is NOT the last! Other folk go different places, I know, yet I keep returning to this magical place. … Continued

Satin Bower Bird

Della: And look at this little fellow, snapped from our bedroom window yesterday morning….a satin bower-bird, munching the last of the Royal Gala apples with no less than 18 currawongs for company. Our bird book says that it is either … Continued

Upper Yarra Track – Winter Update:

Spot and I planned to finish checking out the Upper yarra Track on Sunday, but we had to defer as seasonal road closures have come into force. The gates now have all these nice new signs on them. Perhaps someone … Continued

Vegie Gardening

Hoeing again today (and tomorrow). This has been going on a long, long time:   Hoeing: John Updike (1932-2009) ‘I sometimes fear the younger generation will be deprived of the pleasures of hoeing; there is no knowing how many souls … Continued

Water: Survival Still

Four methods for purifying water when hiking: Method 3   NB: On the Kon Tiki they drank a ‘shandy’ (for two months) of 40% seawater 60% fresh water with NO ill effects. As soon as you realise there is a … Continued


This guy is RIGHT: One way to prevent heel blisters is to learn to tie your shoes differently, eg: http://life.damn.com/the-secret-of-the-extra-shoe-holes/?utm_source=nym&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shoeholesnym One other thing is sure, as soon as the skin on your feet starts to warm up, pop on a … Continued