New Zpacks Sleeping Bag

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My wife Della’s new Xmas sleeping bag has arrived. I used to be such an advocate of Montbell’s Ultralight  Superstretch Down Hugger #3, a minus 1C bag – mine (recently) washed weighs 738 grams in its compression bag on my … Continued

The Perfect Guy Line for a Tent or Tarp:

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  These tiny luminous line locks (.7 gram ea) are just great as is ultra light 1.25 high viz spectra cord (available at: ) which (together) makes for a perfect guy line for a hiking tent/tarp. They glow in … Continued

Australian Alps Walking Track (4 Days)

Australian Alps Walking Track: 4 Days:  Walhalla to Stronach’s Camp (Description): This section is also called The Upper Yarra Track. It is a wonderful walk. Here are some resources you can use for exploring it: Upper Yarra Track … Continued

Upper Yarra Track: Some History

Upper Yarra Track: Some History:…/pdf_file/0017/313181/22_2158.pdf Upper Yarra Track: A Rare Treat: in digital form a facsimile of Annie Hoffa’s 1929 book, ‘The Real Thing, Adventures in the Australian Bush’ detailing her 1928 solo walk from Walhalla to Warburton. Sadly, … Continued

Cable Ties & Leatherdos Hair Clip

Cable ties are just great…so many uses: Incidentally, have you tried handcuffing yourself with one to see whether you really can get the wretched thing off? They are not so chewable, let me tell you! Always lots of fun (& … Continued

Personal Locator Beacon

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130 grams is not very much to carry to save your life, these GPS Personal Locator Beacons look very useful: See also:

Upper Yarra & Australian Alps Walking Tracks

  Upper Yarra Walking Track: Update 1: I reckon the best approach to this track for most people would be to catch a train to Moe, then a taxi to Erica. MTE have a charter service: If there are … Continued

Upper Yarra & Australian Alps Walking Tracks

  The Upper Yarra Walking Track (82 km) which extends from Warburton to Walhalla is Australia’s oldest walking track (1907). It has been neglected for a long time. There are no Government brochures or websites dedicated to it. There is … Continued

Upper Yarra Walking Track (Day 3)

Day 3 of our reconnaissance of the Upper Yarra walking track: We cannot believe that such an outstandingly beautiful area lies so close to home and, even more amazingly, so close to Melbourne. In the 3 days we saw only … Continued

Upper Yarra Walking Track

Checking out the Upper Yarra walking track with a view to doing the 82km walk from Warburton to Walhalla. We are trying to locate water sources as the information on the track is a couple of decades old. Scenery is … Continued

GPS Phone Apps & 25K Vicmaps

These 25K Vicmaps are GREAT and value @ $8 ea: They can be viewed with full georeferenceing functionality (ie GPS, etc) with this great App on your phone, tablet etc: You need never get lost and can safely … Continued

Washing Down Sleeping Bags

Thanks to my friend Brett for his advice about washing/treating (down) sleeping bags. I have now used Nikwax’s Down Wash & Down Proof products (sent from England in 1 litre containers via eBay – cheaper than 300ml avail locally: 150ml … Continued

Trout Fly Rod Conversion for Hiking Pole

While you’re looking at ‘ruta locura’s’ web-site (Sp = crazy journey; I like!) you might notice their ‘Tenkara Trout Fly Rod Conversion’ for a hiking pole. Now that’s a good idea if you’re a keen fly fisher (as you ought … Continued

Hiking Poles

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I notice these folks have nice (light 113 grams) three-piece carbon fibre poles which telescope to 50cm thus fitting in your pack when not in use. I managed to lose one of my two-piece poles pushing through thick bush on … Continued

Blowhole’s Beach Camp

It’s been a bad year: I have not spent (much) more than a month sleeping outdoors, away from home this year – still, there are nearly six weeks to go! But I have been HERE (and many other beautiful places) … Continued

Snowy Bluff – Mt Darling Wilderness

Wilderness: Just spent a couple of days with Spot in the heart of the Snowy Bluff-Mt Darling Wilderness (around 1500 metres). The ‘easy’ way in is to follow the old ‘Carey Rd’ (closed 20 years ago) 200 metres on the right … Continued

Gerber Knives – light & cheap!

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Gerber Knives: For lightness (and cheapness) I recommend Gerber’s LST series knives, the ‘big’ one is around 34 grams, with a blade of  6.7cm (2¼”) & the ‘little’ one is around 17 grams, with a blade of 5cm (1.9”) & I also … Continued