Quest for the Ultimate Ultralight Knife Never Ends:

ti minimalist

This offering (The Ti Minimalist’ with 2 5/8” – 67 mm blade) from Kestrel Knives gazumps my chosen Kabar Johnson River Piggyback ( It weighs 14 grams including the sheath, compared to the Piggyback’s 36.5 grams. Of course it is also 10 times the price, so I probably won’t be making the switch soon. Still, there are always birthdays, etc: This probably is about the lightest you can get which will still split small timber for fire lighting (a must in the backcountry!)

Of course there are others in the same ball park, eg: Ultralight Titanium Knife: Total Length: 7 3/4″, Blade Length: 3 1/2″,Weight of Knife: 1/2 oz, Weight of Sheath: 1/4 oz.

Review: ‘On my scale, the knife alone is 12g, the lanyard is 5g, and the sheath is 10g for a total of 27g / .95 oz.’

Izula Knives 2 oz:

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