The things you find!

26/12/2014: The things you see when you haven’t got a shovel! We ventured off yesterday on an exploratory trip to see the ‘lost’ Yarra Falls. On the way we saw these wonderful bulbs (alstroemerias). NOW I am on a promise to return for a collecting trip. We figured there would be no (quasi) cops to apprehend us for trespassing on the Yarra Catchment, which was more than so – not a soul about, yet lots of lovely legal campsites (eg) along the Forty Mile Break Road. We walked around quite a bit (it was warmer than we expected) and have worked out the best point of approach and a possible loop walk taking in both the upper falls, the main falls the ruins/site of the Upper Yarra Hut, and returning via Track 12.  It would have been better if I had had ALL the relevant maps with me (including 25K Vicmap Matlock South T8122-4-S. There will be quite a bit of machete work to get Della there, so an overnight trip in the New Year (when we have finished working in Merrin & Matt’s shop), I think. The Mt Whitelaw overnight will have to wait for a couple of cool days then too. I WILL have a shovel then. Must put one in EVERY car. Such collecting is a MUST. For example, we brought back a wealth of beautiful daffodils from the Tyers ‘Glass House’ last year which are now ‘doing’ wonderfully in Della’s garden.


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