Backcountry Meat:


Simmenthal Jelly With Sliced Beef 140 grams net (can 12 g) 413 kj (99 calories). Quite delicious. Some folks are apparently ‘addicted’ to this stuff: it takes not unlike a very good quality corned beef, but not salty. Add to meals or eat on Vita Wheat biscuits for lunch. Available most (Italian) delicatessens. (Pictured larger can). I have tried the canned hams (Plumrose is quite good, but salty). Many other canned meats are not very appetising or too salty too (including canned chicken). Add this to your other (safe) long-life meats such as Hans Striker twiggies, and Hormel Real Bacon Pieces (, sachet (or canned tuna, etc.) for some much needed protein on the trail.

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