Repurposing Camping Gear:

The rushes which prospered astonishingly during the drought I made quite satisfactorily dead a few weeks’ back. Yesterday seemed like a good day to wipe the hill of them for good. Since Milo and Merrin were visiting everyone got in on the act


Merrin starts the conflagration off.


Those clumps really go up. It shows how terrifying a grass fire can be. Of course the sheep ensure that our grass never gets that long.


Spot and Milo in a supervisory role.


Lighting the clumps is simplicity itself.


Such a satisfying feeling watching them burn.


Spot as usual was a big help.


Time for a cuddle now Boss?


Detail of the impromptu rush burner. There is a story to everything. The children’s paddle I found washed up in some river wrack many years ago. The Coleman burner cooked many frypan’s worth of sausages over the years after our hound hunting trips as we yarned around the campfire or waited for hounds to trickle in from the day’s hunt. Putting them together with a couple of cable ties was the work of a moment. And ‘Voila!’ Yet ‘they say’ we don’t need ‘all that junk’ we have mouldering in our sheds!

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