Hello Possums

As Dame Edna would say…Just installed some security cameras. This one shows our front gate. Pretty much as soon as it got dark our wild critters got very busy: one fox, two ring tails, two brush tails, two rabbits. Within two hours! Who know what will turn up as time goes on.

So Brer Fox hasn’t eaten all of them after all!

I will be adding wireless cameras all over the place (You can buy ones which broadcast nearly five kilometres! eg: https://www.cctvcamerapros.com/Wireless-Camera-Antenna-p/wifi-eh9500.htm) so I will even be able to keep an eye on the sheep in the paddocks when I am away from home and call someone to come by if there is a problem – a ewe cast for example, or a tree fallen on a fence-line.

It goes without saying too that the obvious presence of a CCTV system means that potential evildoers will think twice when it is crystal clear they will be caught (well, have been already on some cloud storage they cannot possibly erase or interfere with!)

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