Midwinter Fruit

Even here in Southern Vic you can enjoy a variety of seasonal fruits/nuts still even in the coldest weather (which no doubt belies the cost to transport unseasonal fresh produce to us). Here are some examples from our garden today. Of course some things have just finished (medlars, pomegranates) and some are swelling already: eg berry fruit inc. mulberries, loquats, etc) At all times of the year we can have a bewildering variety of fresh fruit straight from our own gardens (you might notice we even have a few natives!):

Moreton Bay fig

Coastal guava: have been eating ripe ones for over a month (also have cherry guavas)

Pepino: ripen on windowsill

Mountain Pawpaw: ripen on window sill



Rhubarb – you can eat them raw.

Citrus: many kinds; oranges shown



Cape Gooseberries: parrots have recently discovered how to eat the ripe ones.


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  1. In late autumn and early winter, fruit trees are not yet fully acclimated to tolerate cold temperatures. Pruning trees at this time can make them more sensitive to low-temperature injury.

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