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If you are looking for a lightweight intelligently designed tarp which will keep you safe and dry in the back country I think you should try one of these. I would probably go for the MacCat Standard Silpro model myself – 285 grams, US$117.95 (including seam sealing – Sept 2018).

This low-stretch material which Brian says will not need any guyline tensioners yet will stay put just exactly so sells me. I would choose the Coyote Brown as I reckon the colour attracts deer. Whenever I have been out camped in one of my own creations in this sort of colour eg the Pocket Poncho or the Siligloo I have had deer pretty much walk right up to it!

Brian MacMillin put himself through years of High School and College designing and making these tarps. I think that is such a worthy thing that he deserves your support.

SilPro: ‘New with our Gen4 redesign, OES now offers a SilPro version of all of our MacCats, available for the ultimate in performance. These versions of our tarps feature a 20D x 50D ripstop silicone impregnated polyester for a huge reduction in tarp stretch when exposed to rain. Strong, lightweight and super quiet. Leave the tarp tensioners at home, this tarp will stay taught. Cuben fiber performance for half the price and without the drawbacks. Seam sealing is included by default for these premium offerings.’

They come in three different sizes. I think you could manage to stay dry with the ‘standard’ one in pretty much any situation though – and you could also use it as a tarp to sleep under on the ground when not hammocking. A hammock would only add a couple of hundred grams to this set-up. You would want a slightly wider one if you were going to double up:


More about hammocking::


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  1. I was warned about this vendor. Apparently, they make a high quality product, but their customer service can be quite bad (sounds hit and miss).

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