The Ames Window

An astonishing optical illusion. We don’t see things with our eyes; we see them with our brain, and sometimes (?) our brains are wrong. Hunters particularly need to pay extreme care that what they are shooting at is what they are actually seeing. I remember many years ago (fox hunting) being just about to shoot a fox in clear view) which suddenly (!) turned into a wallaby. A missed deer is not so important as a missed friend!

2 thoughts on “The Ames Window”

  1. Awesome!, I loved the curiosity show when I was a youngster, now my six year old daughter watches it on you tube and is just as fascinated as I was!, But getting back to identifying your target, nothing and I mean nothing helps you more than good optics!!, be it a scope or binos or even camera lens they are an essential part of a hunters kit, you can’t always trust your eyes, especially as we get older but enlarging the image certainly helps.

    cheers Trev

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