60 DIY Ultralight Hiker Ideas:

It has been quite a while (over two years) since I first posted this. Time for an update. There are now over 100 ‘ideas’ to try out. Most will save you money or at least improve your outdoors experience; nearly all of them are my own ‘inventions’. Hope you find something useful to you.

100. Rubber band Selfie Stick

99. Two Great Poly Tarp Configurations

 98. The Intex Double Paddle

97. A Hiking Bidet

96. Thermoplastics #101

95. A Wider Lighter DIY Sleeping Pad

94. Even More Free Stuff for Hiking

Seamless Tyvek Tipi

The Ultimate Camp Shoe

Extempore Hiking Poles

Embryo Wire

Stop Losing Your Pillow

More Free Stuff for Hiking

Free Stuff for Hiking

Best $5 Spent on Camping Ever

Fire Umbrella

DIY Dry Back Pack

How to Carry a Saw

Make Your Sleeping Pad Warmer

Whoopie Sling Guy Line Tensioner

Electric Drill Earth Auger

DIY Air Frame Pack

New Fancy Feast Stove

Budget Pack Mods

Self-Cleaning Pet Water Bowl

More Bird-Brained Things

Trees and Tree Guards

Ultralight Bathtub Floor

Convert a Car to a Camper for $50

Nightcore Tube Hat Clip

A Cure for Slippery Mats

The Siligloo

Simple Hammock Double Up

The Pocket Poncho Tent

Raincoat Shelter

Ultralight Hiking on a Budget

Ultralight Cups

Knee Pillow

Bathtub Groundsheet Chair

Ultralight Poncho Tent

Simple Hearing Aid Safety Clip

Fun With Sticky Tape – Mylar Poncho

A Ball of String and a Feed of Cray

Repurposing Camping Gear

More Fun With Sticky Tape – Mylar Vest

Fishing With Floss

Securing Hearing Aids

Four Gram Fishing Handlines

Hammock Side Insulation

An Open Shelter

4 Gram String Reverse Tripod

Linelock Tie Downs

Attaching Tie Downs to Your Pack

DIY Head Torches

Impregnable Gun Safe

Toughened Foam Flip Flop

The Ultralight Fisherman

Hand Line Fly Fishing

Cold Weather Booties

Pimping a Gorilla

Adding Down to a Sleeping Bag


How to Avoid Being Wet and Cold While Camping

World’s Lightest Tarp Clip

15 Gram Blue Foam Flip Flop

Tyvek Jack Russell Rain Coat – 13 Grams

Ultralight Trail Baker

Folding Staircase for Camper

11 Gram Rechargeable Head Torch

Enginesaver – Low Engine Water Alarm

Ultralight Glasses Case

Hole-less Poncho Shelter

The Ultralight Bush Chair

Pitching the Poncho – This May Save Your Life

Faux Packraft Vs Alpacka Raft

Fire Tent

Honey I Shrank the Tent

Tyvek Twin Fire Shelter

New Decagon-Octagon Igloo Tent

Home made Pack Raft

Poly Tent by the Ultralighthiker on the Cheap

DIY Hiking Desalinator

No Sew sandals

New Tyvek Forester Tent Design

Tray Top Camper

How to Light a Fire in the Wet

Catenary Curves

Bathtime on the Trail – the 1 Gram Platypus Shower

Ultralight Clothes Pegs

Tarp Bathtub Groundsheet

The Egg-Ring Ultralight Wood Burner Stove

Inflatable Bathtub Groundsheet

Tyvek Tent Designs

Tyvek Bivy

The Deer Hunter’s Tent

Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter

Ultralight Chair – Groundsheet

Mobile Phone Antenna

Trowel Peg

Some other people’s great DIYs:

Tim Tinker

Transparent Tent Instructions

Brawny’s Tarptent

DIY Crampons

DIY PFD 114 Grams


The DIY Gunsmith

DIY Stun Gun

DIY Netless Hammock

DIY Side Burner Metho Stove






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