Lightweight Hiking Shoe

Who would have believed a hiking/running shoe which weighs less than 220 grams? these people have a river crossing shoe which weighs 53 grams:

Ultralight Backpack

Should you become interested in lightweight hiking, try this site:

New Hiking Mat (425g, No: 340g)

This new hiking mat @ 425 grams and R4.4 and US66.95 from Amazon looks great: It has been surpassed by the Thermarest Neoair Xlite Womens 2 340 grams R 3.9: See above: This is now my favourite mat. I cannot recommend it too highly. Get one fore your next birthday!

Best Sleeping Bag

My experience is this is the world’s best sleeping bag (at 544 grams) – and you can just about wrestle a bear in it!

How to Tie Knots

14/08/2011: Just to lighten up a bit, you might want to bookmark this one. Knots are very handy and this site shows how to tie them easily. There MAY be a hangman’s noose there as well, which could be handy in this political climate:

Six Camps along the Wonnangatta

Just back from four great days hunting/hiking in the Wonnangatta-Moroka NP with my son-in-law, Matt Dennis. Now have six camps in various lovely spots there complete with shelters and other gear which works well. Saw lots of deer but Matt was too kind to shoot a stag.

South Coast Track Tasmania

We just returned from South Coast Track, Tasmania. The track was really too wet so mud, mud, mud up to our knees or worse for 7 days. Also track times and distances were much longer than quoted on track PR, so we walked for 10-13 hours every day. Gruelling. It was winter there so temperatures …

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Tasmania’s South Coast Track – Hell’s Holiday

A warning to those considering hiking Tasmania’s South Coast Track. It is now a full week since we reached Cockle Creek after completing the South Coast Track wilderness walk. After a week, I finally feel a little recovered and therefore equal to the task of recording the experience, so that others contemplating the walk may …

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Hunting Success on the Wonnangatta

Two great days canoeing/hunting on the Wonnangatta River with my boys Bryn and Matt. Life is SO good. Matt has a fridge full of venison to show for it. Bryn has a great trophy deer head. We all no doubt have some sore muscles and bruises. The camps I have been setting up worked well. …

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World Travel Kit

When my son was planning to go backpacking overseas I made this list of essential items for him to have in his pack. A useful list for anyone who is interested in ultralight backpacking. ———– You need to start ordering around six months ahead as some items may take a while to be made/arrive. It would be …

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Moroka Wilderness

Spent New Year canoeing-hiking in the Wonnangatta-Moroka wilderness, the most remote spot in Vic. Could be half way round the world in the time it took to get where I was. Beautiful serene wilderness slowly recovering from wildfire. Saw many deer but they are out of season.

Lightweight Hiking Links

For those interested in lightweight hiking these links are great: I already go away for a week carrying less than 10kg including food and booze. About half that for a weekend. Most enjoyable.

Planning to walk the South Coast Track

Della & I and Kerri are planning to walk the South Coast track in Tasmania this summer/autumn, my back permitting. You can see someone else’s Youtube about it. We hope to do a shakedown walk along the Baw Baw plateau very soon to test ourselves and our gear. Should be nice and cool up there …

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Glide on Camper

We are buying a glide on camper from in the USA to fit to our Landrover Tray which will enable us to ‘Go Bush’ in some style. Our most important considerations were light weight, low height, minimum width, welded frame, and the biggest fridge we could fit! Just can’t be too much beer or G & T! …

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South Coast Track Plans

We are planning to walk the South Coast Track at the bottom of Tasmania in February or March. This is an entertaining 8 day trek along parts of Tasmania’s wilderness coast. Should be just marvellous. Maybe YOU would like to join us, but beware: we are ultralight campers; you may have to carry the beer! …

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Hiking & Canoeing 2009

Della and Steve had a number of hiking trips into the Victorian mountains eg up the Wonnangatta and the Moroka and a couple of multi-day canoe trips on the Thomson and I don’t remember where – and we hope for many more. Steve also had a multi-day canoe trip with friend Brett Irving who has …

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Fiordland 2009

April saw Irralee and Steve back in Fiordland. Thanks to Mr Rudd’s generous bushfire money, Steve was able to purchase an Alpacka pack raft (which he had lusted after for years – such strange lusts – check it out on the web; it’s really cool) with which he became the first person to canoe the …

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Gippsland Bushfires

In February we had the many fires. We had fires here a week BEFORE ‘Black Saturday’ so we were sort of veterans by the time the worst arrived – and we WERE much better prepared because we had already been threatened for a week. The earlier fires: the Mirboo North/Boolarra fires affected many people we …

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Hiking/Hunting/Canoeing Adventures 2008

This was to be the year we were to give up on farming and start a new life of fun, fun, fun. ‘Every man has an idea that will not work’, they say. We did succeed in selling the main sheep flock but now we have a farm with not enough stock and which is …

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Fiordland NZ with Bryn

Bryn and Steve had a fortnight in New Zealand in April which was more difficult for Steve than usual as he had pneumonia and those  mountains certainly seem to get higher and higher the less you can breathe.   See also: …

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