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Ultralight Pack Rafting Life Vest:

PFDs are often pretty heavy. Alpacka have this one at 554 grams which is (I imagine) about as light as they get. I discovered that inflatable PFDs you buy from boating supplies shops have an airline PFD inside them. When I stripped one down it weighed 282 grams as shown and should be adequate …

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Gippsland Pack Rafting Routes:

It’s summer already, so time to get out and about and get wet all over. I want to suggest some interesting pack rafting that you can do by public transport (eg from Melbourne). Some of the following you can mix and match a bit, but I hope they give you some ideas. I need to …

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Canoeing in Gippsland

There are some major river trips which can be had wholly in Gippsland. For instance…Someday it is my intention to clear the Tyers River from Christmas Creek down to Wirilda Park (near the junction with the Latrobe). In the past I cleared some sections of this, (eg from Growlers down to Western Tyers (3-4 hours) …

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