ultralight saw

How to Carry a Saw

A 31 gram 6″ hiking/hunting saw sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Complete with handle and sheath it cost me less then $A9. The Diablo saw blades are A$17.47 per pair in the Tools section of Bunnings. I will try to find an even better blade next time. Holding it in the vice I carefully cut …

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Uki Buck Saw:

Steven Evans’ wonderful Suluk 46 website is up and running again, so that I can add this excellent ultralight saw to the recommendations on my previous list. This saw would also make a perfect hunting saw. ‘There is nothing quite like the glow and warmth of a fire in camp after a long day of hiking. …

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Ultralight Saws:

Particularly when track hiking (which I mostly avoid) I have found that I sometimes need to clear a small spot to erect my tent. Often the track times do not suit such retired folks as ourselves (and many other much younger people!) so that you find yourself needing to camp where there is no campsite, …

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Improvised Bow Saw:

You can make an improvised bow saw from a bent branch and a couple of large key rings (or similar) I noticed Erin & Hig used small carabiners in Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOUcDt96IrU Since a bow saw blade itself only weighs 30-100 grams (depending on length), this could be …

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Dermasafe ultralight knives and saws.

Dermasafe ultralight knives and saws (from 8 grams): http://www.derma-safe.com/product/the-derma-safe-folding-utility-knife