Eyesight and Hearing: Cheap


Zenni & The Hearing Company: As we age eyes (and ears) impose unwanted expenses. Some of these can be avoided by buying your glasses here (as we do). Medicare after all covers the prescription cost – so it is yours. Ask for/demand a copy. You will also need the pupillary distance (PD). You can measure it well enough yourself. (Instructions on Zenni’s page.) I buy flexible titanium frames with multi-focal lenses for around US$50 plus US$10 delivery. Single focus glasses complete start at around US$7 plus delivery. The delivery charge will cover multiple pairs. I usually get a few at a time. You need to measure the specifications on an old pair of glasses you like eg bridge width, height and width of lenses, arm length, shape etc. All these things can be input to Zenni’s page. When chosing frameless you can chose different sizes and shapes of lenses. You can upload a picture of yourself to see how they will look. You can buy all the coatings you care for, safety glasses, sunglasses, etc. Give them a try: http://www.zennioptical.com/

PS: I also buy my hearing aids from these folk: http://www.thehearingcompany.com/Siemens-AQUARIS-Models_c_124.html As you can see the top-of-the-range Siemens Aquaris Waterproof cost US$1595ea here as compared with sometimes upwards of A$7,000 here. These folk are willing to tune them (for a fee) http://www.hearingsavers.com.au/. Most won’t. See also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/securing-hearing-aids/

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