Six Moon Designs Dyneema Pack Review

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I don’t know whether I posted a report on my Six Moon Designs Dyneema pack, the Swift – which I think my wife gave me earlier for Xmas. It has proved wonderfully comfortable and durable. It would be hard to beat in a 428 gram pack (at $110!). I switched the waist belt for a single one as I had difficulty doing the double one up (arthritis, stoutness). I have snagged the netting side pockets on blackberries and would recommend they make them out of Dyneema too. The roll-top closure is interesting. The pack is big enough (for me) to carry everything I need for a week’s hike (which it did on the Dusky Track NZ in April). I recommend too the Thermarest Women’s NeoAir XLite mat at 320 g and the Montbell UL Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 sleeping bag at 624g which together bring the ‘big three’ to under 1400 grams total! Add approx 500 grams for my new Tyvek tent!

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