Ultralight Compact Hiking Pole:

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We have used GG’s LT4 poles for many years. In just the last year mine have been to Everest and back, and many other places besides, such as the Dusky Track, and Mt Bartle Frère for example. The LT4s are … Continued

Fizan Compact Trekking Poles

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These are not the lightest trekking poles, but they are amongst the shortest when folded which can be important when you want to fit them inside luggage or inside your pack. At US$59.99 (July 2017) they are one of the … Continued

Rubber Band Selfie Stick:

Sick of those out of focus selfies with the end of an arm at the bottom? All you need is a large rubber band or a hair tie and a forked stick you pick up in the bush. Loop one … Continued

Camera Glassing:

Pocket cameras have come to have much better resolution than expensive binoculars. As an example my Nikon Coolpix S7000 with 20X optical zoom and superb anti-shake technology will bring very distant objects into sharp resolution. You can also make use … Continued

Stick Pic:

At $13.99 (& 11 grams!) I think this is almost indispensable if you want to fuel your narcissism (& who does not these days!) ‘Now you can finally be included in all of your trail photos. Be in your own … Continued

Trout Fly Rod Conversion for Hiking Pole

While you’re looking at ‘ruta locura’s’ web-site (Sp = crazy journey; I like!) you might notice their ‘Tenkara Trout Fly Rod Conversion’ for a hiking pole. Now that’s a good idea if you’re a keen fly fisher (as you ought … Continued

Hiking Poles

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I notice these folks have nice (light 113 grams) three-piece carbon fibre poles which telescope to 50cm thus fitting in your pack when not in use. I managed to lose one of my two-piece poles pushing through thick bush on … Continued

These hiking poles are wonderful!

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(Pictured poles with & without wrist strap. I make up a strap with a tiny piece of 1mm spectra myself for those occasions you need to carry them, eg across a walk wire). These hiking poles are wonderful. (US$95 ea … Continued