Snowy Bluff – Mt Darling

Moroka Gorge Falls:

  A friend sent me a digital copy of this C19th Von Guerard painting (above). I have lurked in the Mount Darling-Snowy Bluff Wilderness quite a lot…I thought we had been to the Moroka Falls (twice – eg but we had only been to the UPPER Falls – as the clip from Vicmap Moroka …

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Sambar Deer Stalking #103:

I have been a hunter for over 60 years. I still feel much more thought needs to be given to the ethics of the hunt. It never ceases to amaze me (for example) that Rene Descartes, one of the West’s pre-eminent thinkers (and someone I also recognise as an outstandingly bright hombre cf his contribution …

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Snowy Bluff – Mt Darling Wilderness

Wilderness: Just spent a couple of days with Spot in the heart of the Snowy Bluff-Mt Darling Wilderness (around 1500 metres). The ‘easy’ way in is to follow the old ‘Carey Rd’ (closed 20 years ago) 200 metres on the right before Dimmicks lookout (off the Howitt Rd above Licola). It deteriorates to (virtually) impenetrable thickets …

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Camping by the Moroka River

Spent a couple of nights camped by the Moroka River, one at Horseyard Flat. Beautiful weather. Great mid-week company. No-one but Della and the two Jack Russells, who were born in Australia, pay their taxes on dog food, vet supplies & etc, so are entitled to share our beautiful National Parks with us! A.B.Guthrie on …

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Wonderful Wilderness Areas in Victoria

We have many wonderful ‘wilderness areas’ in Victoria, defined by both their remoteness and there not being any tracks or roads in an area of @ 100 square Km. I have been studying my maps. Mt Darling-Snowy Bluff Wilderness, here I come! Several interesting days hiking to come. I think I will walk up the …

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Hiking Circuits in the Victorian Mountains

There are many wonderful hiking circuits to be ‘found’ in the Victorian mountains. Just because the route is not marked on any map or DSE brochure ought not deter you. Some are quite long and would take a fortnight or so to complete. Others are shorter. The ‘Four Rivers Circuit’: Wonnangatta, Dry Creek, Caledonia, Wellington, …

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