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Shadowland – Fiordland Video

If you wonder why I return again & again to Fiordland (& the Dusky Track) maybe this excerpt from ‘Shadowland’ will whet your appetite. (Della’s favourite part, the kakapo @ 37secs in). You may have to buy the complete video as no-one seems to have uploaded it, but it will be worth it. Even more worthwhile is …

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Tales of a Rat-Hunting Man

Alas, we cannot all have the opportunity to bag innumerable elephants, pandas, platypodes, blue whales, etc – though I am sure we have all read all Teddy Roosevelt’s hunting books, etc but, here is an interesting book about a chap who satisfied his venality with the pursuit of rats, ‘Tales of a Rat-Hunting Man’ by …

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The Dawn of Ultralight:

As you can see this pamphlet dates back to 1924 which gives some idea of how long people have been grappling with the idea of lightening their load on the trail: The Whelen Forester Tents I talked about here and here date from about the same time. I must come back to that design (like so …

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Thrilling tales: Erin McKittrick:

This young lady (accompanied by her husband, Hig) is amongst the greatest living explorers. Their 4,000 mile trek along the US Pacific Coast related in her book ‘A Long Trek Home’ is astonishing – but it proved to be only the beginning of her adventures. Connect with her here:

The Wood for the Trees:

A Long View of Nature from a Small Wood: This looks like such an enchanting book:  Reviews here: &

Hiking for Voyeurs

Following hot on the heels of ‘Wild’, Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’ is soon to hit the big screen with Robert Redford in the starring cast. Della will want to see this. I admit I enjoyed the book, though I suspect I would enjoy the walk even more, so long as too many …

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Dave Canterbury:

‘ Good Judgement Comes From Wisdom, Wisdom Comes From Experience, Experience Comes From Poor Judgement’

Tim Severin – What a Guy!

WHAT a guy! Not many in modern times (save perhaps Thor Heyerdahl: have adventured like this chap, eg: The Brendan Voyage (1976–1977), The Sindbad Voyage (1980–1981), The Jason Voyage (1984), The Ulysses Voyage (1985), The China Voyage (May–November 1993), In Search of Moby Dick: Quest for the White Whale (1999):

Kon Tiki: Thor Heyerdahl

What an adventure it was: drifting across the entire Pacific Ocean to Polynesia on a balsa wood raft . The doco Thor made won the Academy Award. The book was translated into 70 languages and sold 50 million copies. If you haven’t read it, you should, and its successors, and fellow adventurer Bengt …

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The Far Horizons 1955

THRILLING TALES #4: ‘The Far Horizons’ 1955 is a retelling of Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition of 1804-6. Boy those old guys (I was minded of ‘our’ Bass & Flinders for comparison) could really travel the country. Get your copy here: :

Jeremiah Johnson 1972

THRILLING TALES #3: John (Jeremiah, ‘liver eating’) Johnson: If you love Robert Redford (as Della does) you will love this old film (‘Jeremiah Johnson’ 1972, a classic!) Also see ‘Mountain Man’ by Vardis Fisher and ‘The Avenging Fury of the Plains’ Dennis J McLelland(both avail Amazon). ‘In 1847, his wife, a member of the Flathead …

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The Wreck of the Commerce

THRILLING TALES: The Wreck of the Commerce (1815) ‘This true story describes how they came to be shipwrecked, and their travails in the Sahara Desert. Lost in this unknown world, Captain Riley felt responsible for his crew and their safety. He told of the events leading to their capture by marauding Sahrawi natives who kept …

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John Colter

THRILLING TALES #2: John Colter who was famous for his adventures with Lewis and Clark (see the 1955 movie ‘The Far Horizon’), for discovering Yellowstone, and for his famous ‘run’ of 240 kms pursued by murderous Blackfeet (used as the script for the movie ‘The Naked Prey’ 1966). His tale and that of the astonishing …

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Study: Hunting Increases Levels of Love Hormones in Men

If your spouse ever questions your desire to spend a day hunting (UNLIKELY!), you could show her this wonderful EVIDENCE: ‘Study: Hunting Increases Levels of Love Hormones in Men’: ‘For decades, feminists (and their self-loathing male accomplices) have been trying to browbeat men into acting more like women under the premise — false as …

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Jim Bridger, the Greatest Plainsman

  Jim Bridger, the Greatest Plainsman: ‘Even among the mighty mountain men, Jim Bridger was a towering figure. He was one of the greatest explorers and pathfinders in American history. He couldn’t write his name, but at eighteen he had braved the fury of the Missouri, ascending it in a keelboat flotilla commanded by that …

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Dick Proenneke: Alone in the Wilderness

I used to love stuff like this. Now I am wiser! However, I can really recommend a vid of a guy who went to Alaska and did it all: (Dick Proenneke: Alone in the Wilderness: )

Moose Hunting in Fiordland

Watched Ken Tustin’s new doco which I mentioned the other day. If you are interested in great scenery, Fiordland, the origin of the moose herd there or just hunting generally you will find something to captivate you here (for a mere $10). On every ‘expedition’ there I have found ‘moose sign’ whilst hunting about …

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Eddie Herrick – Moose Hunting at Dusky Sound

Venery: This is one of my all-time favourite photos. This was Eddie Herrick circa 1934 in his eponymous creek in Wet Jacket Arm, Dusky Sound, Fiordland NZ with his bull moose. In a moose hunting career in Fiordland which involved Eddie hunting there for nearly three months a year for thirty years (that’s ten years) of …

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The Hiking Life – This guy has been everywhere!

This guy has been everywhere: “Deserts, jungles, mountains or coast; I don’t have a preference. If I’m out in nature with everything I need in the world on my back, chances are my smile is wide and my thoughts are clear.“

Bucket List: Pacific Crest Trail

01/09/2014: I have been reading about the Pacific Crest Trail. Some parts of this must be SO beautiful. Maybe something for your ‘bucket list’ (At least hiking IS cheap and affordable!)  &