Garmin Inreach Mini:

At last a fully functional GPS, satellite communicator and epirb which weighs 100 grams (3.5 oz!) The new and improved ‘Poor Man’s Satellite Phone‘. I already own the earlier ‘Delorme Inreach’ model (190 grams) which I love, so can’t imagine just now spending perhaps A$499 (Jun 2018) on its replacement in order to save carrying …

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Restore Pdf Maps Functionality:

I recommended this App back in Nov ’14: It’s great for viewing eg Victoria’s Topo maps in a Georeferenced form, ie the GPS on your phone will work to show your location, route etc on the map. All Qld’s Topo maps will also work and are available free here: Many folks have probably noticed that …

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Don’t like Google’s intrusiveness?

You can get most Apps here without a Google account: If you go to their site you will see that each App has already been checked by perhaps 50 Anti Virus programmes to be safe – no doubt you can also run it past your own. This may be the next best thing to …

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Amazing Mobile Apps: Altimeter, Barometer and Thermometer:

Accurate Altimeter: & Smart Thermometer: (also does humidity and air pressure).

Get Lost. Get Found: Best Plb/Epirb:

Which one to buy? A two-way message function and a tracking function are nice add-ons. If you just want a straight emergency beacon, the decision is relatively simple: weight, battery life, replaceable battery or not, will it work where you’re going…but there are many devices out there which offer much more. Some (such as Spot) …

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Moir’s Guide South: ‘The Great Southern Lakes and Fiords’:

Put yourself in that picture! There is something grand and aspiring about dreaming of the wild places – and these are some of the wildest places on earth. This is an indispensable companion to bushwalking/tramping in New Zealand. Even if it remains forever a ‘coffee table’ book, do buy it anyway. If you have a …

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Tyers River:

Has so many magical spots. This is Peterson’s Lookout just outside the township of Tyers on the Rawson Road, a popular spot to jump! We started off Sunday afternoon to walk the East Tyers Walking Track from Tyers Junction (Carringal) to O’Shea’s Camp where it links with the Upper Yarra/Alpine Walking Tracks), but experienced car …

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Hiking Apps:

This review is a good start to exploring Apps which can help with your Outdoors activities. I would certainly agree with their recommendations about Backcountry Navigator for example which is wonderful in NZ (in association with the fre NZ Topo Maps). The First Aid App could come in handy, but I hope it won’t – …

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Upper Yarra Track Mementoes:

Click on photos to enlarge: A Big Tree Nr Mt Horsefall (before the 1939 fires!) Thanks to Thomas Osburg for the wonderful photo. I love the dog. I wonder are there still a few of these hiding in the catchment somewhere? Won’t know unless I take a look! Note to camping at Mt Horsefall: Mt …

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South Coast Track Fiordland NZ: Westie’s Hut: Topo Map Errors

Westies Hut, Price’s Harbour, Fiordland NZ. I have encountered this once or twice before (also with the Australian series): Westies Hut, at the end of the South Coast Track is marked in the WRONG position in the DOC and Linz topo maps. It is actually located at the WESTERN end of Price’s Harbour, as a …

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NZ Topo Maps: App for Hiking in NZ

NZ TOPO: This is a great App for hiking in NZ: BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS at $12.99: You can go to the map page ( on the App and colour in the (eg contiguous) bits of map you want to download. Afterwards it works offline with your GPS. IT WAS SO EASY AND WILL …

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Personal Locator Beacon

130 grams is not very much to carry to save your life, these GPS Personal Locator Beacons look very useful: See also:

GPS Phone Apps & 25K Vicmaps

These 25K Vicmaps are GREAT and value @ $8 ea: They can be viewed with full georeferenceing functionality (ie GPS, etc) with this great App on your phone, tablet etc: You need never get lost and can safely plan your next adventure, eg to walk the ‘Upper Yarra Trail’ from Warburton to Walhalla …

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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones: so many things to know…When buying one you really need to check out the frequencies covered, eg it must have 3G = 850 to function on Telstra’s nextG network, which offers superior connectivity in rural areas. Nearly all Samsung phones have an external antenna connection point under the back cover (you may have …

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Hiking Circuits in the Victorian Mountains

There are many wonderful hiking circuits to be ‘found’ in the Victorian mountains. Just because the route is not marked on any map or DSE brochure ought not deter you. Some are quite long and would take a fortnight or so to complete. Others are shorter. The ‘Four Rivers Circuit’: Wonnangatta, Dry Creek, Caledonia, Wellington, …

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Buying Gear Online

If you have difficulty buying stuff online, check out They are just great. You can (for example) buy that stuff on Amazon (which has free US shipping but which they won’t send to Oz) and have Shipito forward it (very cheaply). We do this all the time. We usually use Shipito’s cheapest freight rates …

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Neat Survival Gear

These folks have some pretty neat stuff, suitable for presents (NOT a hint), survival & etc, eg miniature compasses & signalling mirrors, springers for fishing, a great range of knives – & this is ‘peanut lighter: