Waterproofing Paper Maps

I know the old John Donne map store in Little Bourke St Melbourne used to sell a brush on (wax?) product for waterproofing paper maps (topos etc) called perhaps ‘Map Seal’ or the like. I admit I have never used it, or a spray on silicone normally designated for raincoats, boots etc (eg ‘Camp Dry’) which I know others sometimes use.

I have betimes laminated a paper map eg when traveling in Fiordland etc – but which makes them significantly heavier!) but for several years now I normally either forego a map, place it in a large snap-lock bag or use a phone app such as ‘Paper Maps‘ and downloaded topo maps such as Vicmaps.

I have posted about a DIY method of Waterproofing Tent Floors (and seam sealing) which is inexpensive and works well. I admit I had not thought to apply this method to waterproofing paper maps but I see that the redoubtable Tim Tinker has as this post DIY Waterproof Map illustrates – and clearly it works, so I recommend the method (and link) to you.

Here is a photo of a resultant waterproofed map which Tim has kindly allowed me to re-post as proof of concept. As Tim spends most winters ski touring and tipi camping in wilderness terrain this method clearly works.

Waterproofing Paper Maps




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