Geoscience Australia’s Free 1:250,000 Topo Maps

A complete topographical map of Australia is available free in 1:250,000 scale. This is quite adequate to find your way and prevent your getting lost. You can download the maps, copy them to a storage file on your phone and then open them with PDF Maps Or Avenza – if you want to be restricted …

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A Magical Day

(Della) ‘yesterday revisiting Tongue Point and Fairy Cove at Wilson’s Promontory with friends. The beautiful spring weather, the good company and the 8 km walk were all very pleasant indeed, and we were warmly welcomed by the appearance of some winged luncheon guests at Fairy Cove (not actual fairies) as well as a killer whale …

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Harbingers of Spring at Jeeralang Junction

‘Snapped late yesterday as the cold front approached!’ (Della) In other developments the Ring-Tailed Possum I thought a victim to Brer Fox has moved his house from the plum tree (too wet) to a Macadamia behind it: A little later: (Della again) Snapped these at the end of today’s impressive rainfall: Spring is well underway …

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The Seventieth Birthday Platypus

I had hoped that this post would be titled ‘The Seventieth Birthday Stag’ but he did not emerge from his lair during my recent sojourn up the bush to check how my hunting camps had fared from the terrible bush fires of earlier this year. I am still not fit enough for this sort of …

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Upper Yarra Track Map:

Here is a map showing the whole of the (Extended) Upper Yarra Track from Lilydale all the way to Moe, approximately 250 km and 8-10 days: Australia’s oldest and best long distance hiking track. It could be a better map, but it is better than no map. I have used the 1:250,000 Australian Topo map …

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Upper Yarra Track Instructions:

I have posted dozens of times about this wonderful trail which (in an extended version) can be walked all the way from Moe to Lilydale. Here  is some indication of track times and distances and here is a detailed set of instructions. Below you can find some of my posts about it in the order …

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