Fishing Tools

The Olfa Knife

This is just about the greatest knife ever! I’m just a little late to the party concerning this knife which has been around nearly as long as I have – at any rate since 1956. As you can see it has a 55 mm blade. That’s just under 2 ¼”. (55mm = 2.16”) You could …

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A Snippet in Time

SOG have a very nice little multi tool in competition with the Leatherman Micra, the ‘Snippet’. ‘Not every situation warrants a large, full-featured multi-tool. Sometimes you need something that will fit on a key chain, or even disappear into your pocket. For times like that, we have Snippet. A tool designed to help with quick …

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Advanced Elements Ultralight Paddle

A 567 gram pack rafting paddle: Check this out on Massdrop this morning for US$29.99 each (08/2018). You would be foolish not to buy a couple. I bought two. It will go very well with the Klymit packraft you should have bought from them some time back for US$99 (I bought two as well):  Here’s …

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Ultralight Ultra-Sharp Knives 3 Grams:

Ceramic knives are sharper than metal ones and their edge can last 10 times longer. They can also be lighter. I have been thinking that this ‘ceramic escape knife’ would fit well in an ultralight fishing kit such as this: This little guy weighs only 3 grams, has a blade 1.25” (3.175cm) and is …

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Hand Line Fly Fishing:

Fishing with a bubble or float is an old technique. I’m sure most of us have used this method with live baits to catch a variety of fish. It also works well with flies and other floating lures to catch trout. My handline of choice is Streamlines Tideland which weighs 2.4 oz. I cut the …

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Deejo Minimalist 3in Folder 27grams

This is the Deejo Minimalist 3 inch Folder weighing 27 grams (as configured). You could probably shave 3-5 grams off that by deleting the pocket clip, but you might also just ruin the knife, so don’t. The pocket clip comes in handy anyway as it allows the knife to be worn on the outside of …

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Ultralight Paddle:

If you have an ultralight packraft you will need an ultralight paddle. Our lightest weighs 409.5grams. It was an Alpacka ultralight model, now alas discontinued. They also used to sell ‘Ninja paddles’ which fitted on your hiking poles. (Perhaps check the Wayback Machine: – they may still be available elsewhere; A comparable one is …

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Hornet-Lite Pack Raft:

I see there is a new alternative pack raft on the market: ‘The Hornet-Lite is the lightest packraft in Kokopelli’s fleet weighing in at 4.9 pounds (2223 grams) including the seat. Kokopelli has designed the Hornet-lite packraft to be functional while reducing weight and maximizing compactness. This packraft is ideal for crossing rivers, high alpine …

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The Perfect Keychain Knife:

Spyderco Honey Bee: This may be the perfect keychain knife. It is just a bit shorter than a Yale ‘C’ door key, so it fits in your fob pocket on your key ring perfectly. Yet it is an ever handy useful tool with its razor sharp blade, just right to open a bag or parcel, …

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Tanjil River Canoeing: Update:

My thanks to reader, Jake who has just sent me this report of his ‘adventure’ on this lovely river: ‘Hi Steve, Thanks for the write up on on rafting the Tanjil. Last weekend my fishing partner and I drifted the Tanjil in a cheap inflatable boat with our fly rods in hand. Beautiful day out …

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Pen Fishing Rods:

These are tiny: I bought mine from this guy but I see you can get what seems like the same thing on eBay out of China for @ $10, so…My rod weighs 64 grams and the reel (spooled) 142 grams – and you certainly can cast it and catch fish on it (I have), if …

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Dyneema Braid:

  Most fisherman already know this stuff is around and is replacing nylon monofilament, but you may not. I bought this .34mm lineit to make a method of securing my hearing aids against loss. (See: & I may well restring my 10 gram handline with it, as its 50 lb breaking strength will …

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Cotton Reels:

Did you realise the end caps come off Gutermann 100 metre thread reels (7 grams) so you can wrap the end of your thread around it… or that you can store a needle inside the reel? There is quite a wide choice of different threads for various purposes (including a transparent one). If stored in …

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Fishing with Floss:

  It comes in a small plastic box that fits comfortably in your pocket. The 50 metres of cordage inside can be completely withdrawn and tied onto a pole for conventional fishing. Alternatively you can tie an overhand knot on the end and slip it onto your finger or wrist. Take your floss box and …

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World’s Lightest Tarp Clip:

  You can buy these approx 1” polystyrene balls from Spotlight for @ $2.40 for 20. They weigh about .2 gram each. You can carry a few of these in your repair/fishing kit (along with some string, eg 1-2mm Dyneema) for use at need, eg when you need some additional tie-downs for your tent/tarp or …

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DIY/Emergency watercraft:

I have been thinking about this for a long time, but have got only as far as whilst others have ACTED: This girl is seriously clever (and patient): here is another variation: and and a coracle: or This is probably the next step up: or this:

A Further Use for Drinking Straws:

Emergency fire starter storage: This is a top idea. It is also easy to do. All you need is some drinking straws, a pair of needle nosed pliers and a lighter.   See also: See also:

Ultralight Knives

Can Knives get any lighter than this 3 Gram Knife: It makes the ‘Dermasafe’ I posted about here ( positively cumbersome, as is the Gerber zip-Blade mini knife: by comparison.   I really like this new one which weighs 16 rams including the sheath:  This is a beauty too:

DIY Head Torches:

You can save some weight and have fun by making your own head torch with a length of hat elastic, a couple of O-rings (or elastic bands) and a micro cord lock to convert eg any AAA torch into a head torch – or you can sew a couple of pieces of elastic together to …

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Mini Super Torch: A Week’s Light Weighs 50 Grams:

Maratac AAA Torch, 138 lumens, weight 11.5 grams including removable pocket clip. You will not believe how bright this torch is on the highest setting! You could shoot a fox or rabbit with it at 30-50 yards, seriously! The light diffuser (included) at 1.5 grams turns it into a very creditable lantern. It also glows …

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