Geoscience Australia’s Free 1:250,000 Topo Maps

A complete topographical map of Australia is available free in 1:250,000 scale. This is quite adequate to find your way and prevent your getting lost. You can download the maps, copy them to a storage file on your phone and then open them with PDF Maps Or Avenza – if you want to be restricted …

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Never Get Lost – With Google Offline Maps

So long as you have a smart phone (with GPS and Compass – be sure it does before you buy it!) you don’t need a Garmin or any other GPS device, and you don’t need to pay for any maps or Apps. You can organise your phone so that you need never get lost. However …

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Light from Heat

Although they are not (at present) ultralight, I really like the concepts behind these wonderful lamps. Lumir-k: Cooking oil fueled LED lamp:  & Lumir-C Candle Powered Led lamp: Lumir C: Lumir K: This is a similar concept, power from heat: https://drop.com/buy/biolite-campstove-bundle#overview & this: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2015/07/20/power-from-heat/ PS: You should be able to make this system work with …

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Nitecore Continues to Push the Boundaries:

They have a variety of ultralight rechargeable torches, as well as this excellent charger/powerbank which is all you need to charge them (and anything else!) I already wrote about their remarkable Tube torch here and here. Now they have much brighter models available such as the: Thumb (85 lumens + 25 grams with rotatable head …

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Hunt 22:

World’s Smallest, Lightest Torch – 6 Grams: ‘At barely 1″ in length…you wouldn’t expect this torch to be able to do much. You’d be wrong. This multi-purpose flashlight is made with a titanium body and UV LED rated for a lifetime of use and guaranteed to be iceproof, smashproof, waterproof, and fireproof. UK25 (Apr 2019) …

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