DIY 20 Gram Rechargeable Head Torch + Tent Lantern

I will be using the Nano A5X (glow in the dark) 14.8 gram 650 lumen rechargeable torch for this mod though the pictures here are for the A1 which I already own (which is a whole gram heavier and does not glow- alas!) I have often added a simple O-ring,  a length of 1mm dyneema cord and a micro-cord lock to make a small torch into a head torch as I did with the Nitecore Tube in this post 11 Gram Rechargeable Head Torch, like so:


This is quite a satisfactory arrangement unless you wear glasses (as I do now – though I did not need them for over fifty years). The torch then tends to reflect annoyingly off the back of the glasses.

To avoid this I have just thought to add another piece of cord and a mitten hook so I can sit the torch above my neanderthal brows. This will work quite satisfactorily around the camp.

Some photos will make this clear (This is the 20 lumen setting):

The same micro cord lock adjusts the diameter of the band so that it fits snugly around your head as well as the second cord attached to the torch with a mitten hook and with an overhand knot at the extreme end (below the photo below) for adjusting the tilt so it points straight ahead where you want to look.

This arrangement weighs 3 grams so making a 17.8 650 lumen rechargeable head torch. Not bad eh?

The addition of a 2 gram Countycomm silicone reflector (US$2.85 Nov 2021) makes the torch into a lantern which you can hang from the peak of your tent. I always have a tie-out there for that purpose -and as one end of my internal tent clothes line) This is the 2 lumen setting. Other settings were too bright to photograph. It is surprising how much light 2 lumens is in a tent on a dark night. Mostly you will find it enough. When you need more you can just turn it up. You will rarely need more than the 20 lumens which will last for 8 hours before needing a recharge.

I recharge with one of these: Lightest Cheapest Powerbank

As you can see the two additions weigh 5 grams so that the combined head torch/lantern weighs 20 .4 grams.

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