Lightest Cheapest Powerbank

Lightest cheapest power banks. From 24 grams as pictured, They double as chargers for 18650 batteries . I recommend (eg genuine) Panasonic NCR18650B 3.6V 3400mAh (flat top) 6.7 amp discharge capacity. These batteries weigh a bit over 40 grams each, so the single bank pictured is 71 grams and the four battery version is 245 grams complete. I sourced genuine Panasonic cells for around $8 ea locally (in Oz). The 8 cell model has selectable voltage out which might be handy. The 24 watt Xionel solar panel featured in the last post will charge two of these batteries on a bright sunny day which would be about enough to charge your phone twice.

8 Cell 27200mAh US$9.90

6 Cell 20400 mAh US$4.85

4 Cell 13600 mAh US$2.11

2 Cell 6800 mAh US$1.53

1 Cell 3400 mAh US$1.07

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    Steve I was looking at these yesterday, so this advice is a big help.
    Thanks and i hope the fires are under control.

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