Nightcore Tube Hat Clip:

My thanks to Kiarnan over at Reddit for this idea His bobby pin idea worked just as well with a couple of ‘O-rings’ such as I usually use in my own head torch mod Setting up the torch on … Continued

Nitecore Continues to Push the Boundaries:

They have a variety of ultralight rechargeable torches, as well as this excellent charger/powerbank which is all you need to charge them (and anything else!) I already wrote about their remarkable Tube torch here and here. Now they have much … Continued

Black Diamond Storm Waterproof Headlamp

A year ago I thought this was the greatest head torch ever: Now, Black Diamond has a new model which blows it out of the water literally – being waterproof! Their new model boasts an incredible 350 lumens though … Continued

Lighter, Brighter, Better:

Three great new Maratac flashlights: Anodized Aluminium Tactical Personal Flood TPF AAA Light by Maratac 160 lumens – US$40.95 (June 2017). A 14-15 gram head torch which produces 160 lumens will be hard to beat! ‘The Maratac™ AAA Stainless Steel … Continued

Ultralight Hiking USB cables, etc.

This is my tiny bag of cables and other electronic goodies. The cable (17 grams) is only 6″ (15 cm) long and comes with interchangeable tips (5 grams each). Shown USB, micro USB (x2) and Sat Phone charger plug (comes … Continued

Super AAA Torch 145 Lumens:

Maratac have upgraded the Cree emitter in their latest AAA flashlights so they now output a massive 145 lumens. This is one mighty little torch. Available from US$41.25 Special deals regularly on Massdrop: Also available in Titanium: You … Continued

The Eternal Headtorch 21 grams:

Coghlans Dynamo Flashlight: available eg Anaconda @ $10.99: Wind the handle for 1 minute to get up to 7 minutes of light. Features 2 bright LED lights, 10 Lumens. Positive feeling ON/OFF switch. Convenient key chain clip. Configured as … Continued

Powerfilm USB +AA Solar Charger on Pack

With the batteries straight out of the storage drawer (so not quite charged) it happily charged my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (1900 mAh battery) in this configuration at 1% a minute in dappled sunlight (cloudy Spring 20C day) yesterday. I … Continued

Smallest Rechargeable Flashlight:

Nitecore Tube. What a tiny delight this little guy is & at only 9.6 grams (less than a AAA battery and only 2 grams heavier than a Photon I have a Bushnell Solarwrap Mini ( I can plug one … Continued

Let There be Light: Great New Head Torch

Black Diamond Spot 200 Lumens Head Torch: This is a great new head torch. Black Diamond have boosted the output on their new model from 130 to 200 lumens whilst still producing great battery life (claimed 50 hours at 200 … Continued

Leatherman ‘Squirt’:

I have long carried the Leatherman ‘Micra’ (still do). This is the very best tool for cutting toenails on the trail. Also handy for a million and one other things: cutting up fish, splinters, opening bottles (you can use the … Continued

Let There Be Light #2:

These are WONDERFUL: At last, a replacement for the 100 watt incandescent globe: Phillips 18 watt 2000 lumen (!) That is 130 watt incandescent equivalent, so soon our lounge room will be back to the ‘good old days’ when we … Continued

Eneloop Pro AAA Battery:

Things just keep getting better…This is an improvement to their white 750 mAh battery (Recharge 1,000 times). This one is 950 mAh, is still 85% after one year and recharges 500+ times, but it is nearly one-third more available energy! … Continued

A Further Use for Drinking Straws:

Emergency fire starter storage: This is a top idea. It is also easy to do. All you need is some drinking straws, a pair of needle nosed pliers and a lighter.   See also: See also:

DIY Head Torches:

You can save some weight and have fun by making your own head torch with a length of hat elastic, a couple of O-rings (or elastic bands) and a micro cord lock to convert eg any AAA torch into a … Continued

Mini Super Torch: A Week’s Light Weighs 50 Grams:

Maratac AAA Torch, 138 lumens, weight 11.5 grams including removable pocket clip. You will not believe how bright this torch is on the highest setting! You could shoot a fox or rabbit with it at 30-50 yards, seriously! The light … Continued

‘Supercharging’ LED torches:

Single AA or AAA LED torches are impressive enough with their 100/150 lumens output on a single 1.5 volt battery but these Cree LEDs on which they run are usually designed to run on 3 or more volts which means … Continued

Tent Lanterns

I have long used Fenix’s LD01 torch for this purpose, which I now see they have upgraded (the new LD02 model giving approx 20% more light on the brightest setting). It has three settings: 8, 25 and 100 ANSI lumens. … Continued

Keychain goodies:

Spyderco Bug Knife (1 1/8” blade): add this to your Photon Freedom Micro (torch) and Verbatim Store’n’go Micro USB Drive (now in 32 Gb) on your keychain. There are so many other keychain knives to choose from though, eg: … Continued