Four Wheel Driving

Tier Gear Catenary Cut Hex Tarp

Thanks to Aussie Outfitter and hammock maker Tier Gear for allowing me to repost DIY instructions for this excellent tarp. You can still find their original post here: Tier Gear Catenary Cut Hex Tarp. You can purchase all the items you need to build it and the ‘Netless Hammock‘  from them at a very good

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Carry a Knife

It is highly  desirable to carry a fixed blade knife mainly for those rare occasions when it is necessary to split branches to produce dry kindling and shave them to produce ‘excelsior’ (wood shavings) which are the best fire starter. Lighting a fire when it is very wet and cold is the most important time

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Mobile Phone Antennae: 64 x Signal Strength

It is a delight to venture into the mountains far from ‘civilisation’; when we do however we don’t have to forego the opportunity of all contact. A carefully chosen antenna system will draw in mobile phone and internet connectivity to quite surprisingly remote places. Note: You need less signal to send an SMS than a

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Sambar Deer Stalking #101:

I have hunted sambar deer for over 50 years in the Gippsland mountains (and elsewhere other deer). Mostly I did it because it was fun and an excuse for a day out in the bush which I love. I still prefer lamb, and having been a sheep farmer for just as long, I always had

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