Topper EzLift turns your SUV canopy into a camper:

This looks like a great addition to your truck (at least if you are only a couple). They have a DIY kit for US$1995 (Aug 2018) PS: You have to supply your own ‘Lacey’. Good luck with that. Visit: Videos:       See this post for a cheaper alternative: PS: …

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Car-Camper Conversion: $50

We have recently been on a car camping holiday in Scotland where we wanted to stay away from people as much as possible on such a crowded island, and save on accommodation costs by sleeping in the rental car wherever we could find a pleasant spot. The car we hired turned out to be a …

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Found Space:

Underneath our caravan sink was a mess of plumbing. As you can see a large fitting and poorly routed hose stole most of our already limited storage space. I purchased the much shorter and more compact fitting online and installed it myself (rerouting the drain hose in the process) and now have space for another …

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Enginesaver: Low Engine Water Alarm:

  For many years we have had these fitted to our Subarus and Land Rovers. I also add a Piezo wired in (in parallel) with the Low Oil Sensor light so that an audible alarm sounds when oil pressure is low. The low oil sensor is almost always on the earth side (ie screwed into …

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Girard Tankless Water Heater:

This piece of gear is certainly a win/win. I will certainly be fitting one and swapping my existing storage heater out. There is a kit so it will fit in the same entry hole so no structural damage to the camper. It will create a couple of cubic feet of extra storage space inside the …

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Tray Back Campers and Other Heavy Loads:

I have just finished fitting the suspension/steering hardware I mentioned here: I then loaded up the camper on the Defender. Let me say the difference is astonishing. The whole rig now handles like a passenger car; the ride is wonderful; everything feels so safe and relaxing. It is so easy to keep the steering …

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Twin Shock Absorbers:

You may not know you can fit twin shocks front and rear to improve handling on rough roads or under heavy loads. I already fitted twin shocks to the rear of our vehicle and it made a huge difference. Pictured is the Bearmach Twin Shock Absorber Front Turret for a Land Rover Defender/Discovery. NB: You …

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Rokon Scout, a 2WD motorbike:

  I like the green colour. If you find muscle power alone won’t get you where you want to go any more. You might try one of these: Would be a fitting accompaniment to your Mokai: See also:

Mobile Phone Antennae: 64 x Signal Strength

It is a delight to venture into the mountains far from ‘civilisation’; when we do however we don’t have to forego the opportunity of all contact. A carefully chosen antenna system will draw in mobile phone and internet connectivity to quite surprisingly remote places. Note: You need less signal to send an SMS than a …

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Motorbike Hitch Carrier

I have been looking at getting one of these for my motorcycle. Unfortunately all those available are either too low, weak or unstable. Some stick out horizontally at least 750mm (some even drop DOWN). Even the rear tie-outs are horizontal instead of angling up 45 deg. They would BOTTOM dreadfully. Nearly all depend on the …

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How to Mount a Honda XR250 Tank on a Ct110 Postie.

How to Mount a Honda XR250 Tank on a Ct110 Postie: XR Tank = 7.9 litres + CT110 Tank = 4.8 litres + CT110 Auxiliary Tank = 2.3 litres; Total = 15 litres x 62 Km/L = 930 km! Melbourne-Sydney on one refill ought to be ENOUGH!

Honda CT110

My brand new Honda 2010 CT110 Dual Range has just arrived from Sydney thanks to Uship (20.7 km on the clock!) Many hiking/canoeing adventures await us thanks to this marvellous machine. Honda Australia (in its wisdom?) no longer imports this model (though every so often they weaken and let a few in) even though it …

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Honda CT 110

In Australia this motorcycle is best known colloquially as the ‘Postie Bike’ (for obvious reasons). It is the most common motorcycle in Australia. Elsewhere known as the ‘Cub’ it is the most produced vehicle in history with over 60 MILLION having been made by 2008. A brief history here: I picked up my ‘latest’ …

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Liquid Piston x Mini Engine

I can see many uses for this little beauty ( a much improved, faster, lighter mountain bike moped for example):

Buying Gear Online

If you have difficulty buying stuff online, check out They are just great. You can (for example) buy that stuff on Amazon (which has free US shipping but which they won’t send to Oz) and have Shipito forward it (very cheaply). We do this all the time. We usually use Shipito’s cheapest freight rates …

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Tom Car Australia

GREAT new Aussie built car (and without ANY Government subsidies) – hope they sell a million of them:

Folding Staircase for Camper

I am rather proud of our new folding staircase for the camper: In the fully folded position the staircase takes up less than 2″ (50 mm) of space on the side of the camper (and is exactly the same height). In the fully down position there are six comfy steps which even our 15 year …

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Camper / Defender Upgrades

29/12/2013: Have fitted a second pair of heavy duty shocks to the rear of the old Defender. That seems to have finally settled the camper down so that it is just like driving a car now. Looking forward to our next trip! Update: There is now a new instant gas water heater for campers which …

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57kg Motorbike

250cc Motorbike which weighs 57kg:

Get a REAL 4WD

ATTENTION dual cab owners: Get a REAL 4WD, one that can easily tow a bogged Landie (Warning: May not be road legal – or affordable!) :