Topper EzLift turns your SUV canopy into a camper:

This looks like a great addition to your truck (at least if you are only a couple). They have a DIY kit for US$1995 (Aug 2018)

PS: You have to supply your own ‘Lacey’. Good luck with that. Visit:




This device turns your truck into a tent

This device turns a truck into a tent in seconds.

Posted by Cars Insider on Friday, 10 August 2018


See this post for a cheaper alternative:

PS: We have a tray-top camper for which I have built a folding staircase. The above device suggests to me that I could build a more complicated device which lifts the camper backwards onto the ground when we want to camp so that we can just step into it, then with a press of a button it would lift itself back onto the tray. Hydraulics I imagine – and a fair bit of expense. I can imagine though getting to that stage of our lives when such a luxury would be a blessing.

Our Rig:

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