Guns & Bows

The Greatest Slingshot Ever:

‘Hunt down bigger game with arguably the baddest looking slingshot without venturing into full on crossbow territory. This unit features a built-in magazine allowing you to pre-load up to 40 rounds of 8mm ball bearings or a single crossbow bolt. The position of the front handle can be adjusted, allowing you to reduce/increase the level …

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Packable Rifle

A packable .22 Winchester Magnum rifle at under 1 pound has to be a useful thing to own, surely? ‘PRK is short for Pack Rifle Kit. The PRK converts your Crickett or Chipmunk youth rifle into a light weight, take down pack rifle. The PRK replaces the barrel and stock of of your Crickett or …

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The DIY Gunsmith:

In the US this is a popular (and legal) pursuit though quite properly it is an offence to misuse any firearm. In Australia it is definitely a criminal offence to make your own, even a shanghai (see below). Mind you the fact that here (despite our draconian firearms laws) the great majority of guns ever …

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Verney Carron ‘Stop&Go®’

Considerable angst is being generated this morning about this ‘new’ action shotgun just as was present not so long ago about the Adler’s ‘new’ 150 year old action, and overlooking the fact that it is already available in shops as a ‘Speedline’ rifle. The firearm in question ejects the spent shell ‘automatically’ using the firearm’s …

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Dragon’s Breath:

By Firequest, an incendiary 12 gauge shot-shell. Also available in .410 gauge. These things are spectacular. Take a look at their other Exotic Ammo: Armor Piecing, Tracer, ‘Triple Doom’ May not be available from local 7/11 stores!

Night Sights:

If you are old like me you are likely having trouble seeing your front sight in dim light, yet dawn and dusk are the premier hunting times. What to do? As you know I eschew telescopic sights. I would not object to folks using a 1:1 ration scope or red dot aid, but stealing the …

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A Fair Chase:

I see it is two years since I first posted this. As a result of my experiences of the last two weeks ( &, I feel that it needs a revisit: Moose Country, Fiordland NZ: Looking down over the Jane Burn into the Lower Seaforth Valley, the Dusky Sound in the distance. Only about ten …

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Miniature Weapons – The Toothpick Crossbow:

Miniature weapons are great fun for young and old. You might start your collection with this delightful ‘toothpick crossbow’ which is bound to annoy your friends and fellow workers: Specs Handmade Material: Stainless steel Shoots toothpicks, Q-tips, matches and other small projectiles Range: 10 – 15 m (33 – 49 ft) Length: 4 in …

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Pocket Slingshot

The Pocket Shot might be a good choice if you want to add a bunny, pigeon or duck to your hiking menu and you have found perfecting your skill with a conventional sling too hard (See: ‘With up to 350 feet per second, equals 350 km/h, double to triple the airspeed of conventional slingshots …

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Sambar Deer Stalking #104:

A lot can be learned about deer by observing their behaviour; I have been a sheep farmer for thirty years (longer now than I have worked at anything else – it looks odd on my census return: Occupation: Sheephusband!): They are quite like sheep. Particularly in their routines, the topography they prefer, their family behaviour, …

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Aloksak: Waterproof Gun Bag

Aloksak make really great waterproof to 200 metres snaplock bags. This one is even big enough to put your rifle in (great for canoeing/boating/hunting trips. It is the only waterproof gun bag I know of. Of course the smaller ones are great for your phone, camera etc:   These bags are now available in …

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Lever Action Shotguns (and rifles)

Have been available legally since the late C19th (along with bolt actions). Most folk go with a double barrels (most side-by-side but some under-and-over) because they are lighter, yet you can still get that second shot off quickly (or simultaneously) if needed. Most folks (traditionally) used shotguns to hunt small game, especially birds where more …

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A taut string will act as a tripod or a gun rest!

Believe it or not: A 4 Gram String Tripod: A taut string will act as a tripod! You can tie an approx 6’ (1.8m) length of string to a small bolt the size which fits in the tripod socket of your camera then screw it in to the camera. If you stand on the string …

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Camera Glassing:

Pocket cameras have come to have much better resolution than expensive binoculars. As an example my Nikon Coolpix S7000 with 20X optical zoom and superb anti-shake technology will bring very distant objects into sharp resolution. You can also make use of its additional digital zoom. I had been having trouble reading the eartag numbers on …

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Impregnable Gun Safe:

The gendarmes decreed that we had to upgrade our firearm storage though they had (as far as we could tell) safely and happily lived in the same cabinet for over thirty years! We had to buy a safe. Fortunately gun safes have become much less expensive over the years. We carefully chose one from eBay …

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Human ingenuity at its best:

‘DIY lighter-fuel rifle delivers a fusillade of earplugs…If desired, however, its regular foam earplugs can be replaced with ones that are stuffed into a short length of aluminum tube and tipped with a sharp metal point, adding a bit more punch.’ See it in action here:

How to make a Sling:

What a useful instructable: A little more information on ‘How To Use a Sling’ (Numerous Youtubes available) and I would be on my way, but I will certainly give it a go! Should only weigh a few grams (and like a fishing line) could provide some useful protein (and a change of diet) on …

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How to Treat a Gunshot Wound: Part 2:

I found this article (and its forerunner) very helpful. It certainly had me downloading a First Aid App for one thing ( and reassessing my First Aid kit…PLEASE NOTE that this article contains graphic and disturbing images: Such an injury (which can cause catastrophic blood loss) need not be caused by weapons, whether accidentally …

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Dino Paleo Diet:

Supposing that the science of ‘Jurassic Park’ becomes a reality (or time travel, ‘The Lost World’, etc – all this is imminent, surely?) we WILL need to face the important practical and ethical issues of killing and eating dinosaurs. Folk will definitely have to do some hard practice at the Range to ensure their accuracy, …

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These look like great fun: