Guns & Bows

The Greatest Slingshot Ever:

‘Hunt down bigger game with arguably the baddest looking slingshot without venturing into full on crossbow territory. This unit features a built-in magazine allowing you to pre-load up to 40 rounds of 8mm ball bearings or a single crossbow bolt. The position of the front handle can be adjusted, allowing you to reduce/increase the level …

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A Fair Chase:

I see it is two years since I first posted this. As a result of my experiences of the last two weeks ( &, I feel that it needs a revisit: Moose Country, Fiordland NZ: Looking down over the Jane Burn into the Lower Seaforth Valley, the Dusky Sound in the distance. Only about ten …

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Miniature Weapons – The Toothpick Crossbow:

Miniature weapons are great fun for young and old. You might start your collection with this delightful ‘toothpick crossbow’ which is bound to annoy your friends and fellow workers: Specs Handmade Material: Stainless steel Shoots toothpicks, Q-tips, matches and other small projectiles Range: 10 – 15 m (33 – 49 ft) Length: 4 in …

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