Twin Shock Absorbers:

Twin Shocks

You may not know you can fit twin shocks front and rear to improve handling on rough roads or under heavy loads. I already fitted twin shocks to the rear of our vehicle and it made a huge difference. Pictured is the Bearmach Twin Shock Absorber Front Turret for a Land Rover Defender/Discovery. NB: You CAN fit standard height heavy duty springs to your vehicle for off-road or heavy carrying work; you don’t have to fit a 2″ lift which will increase body roll. You don’t need this extra clearance on a Land Rover anyway. Terrafirma make these for Land Rovers, for example. A heavy duty return to centre steering damper might also work well in demanding circumstances. We are fitting all three devices to our Defender (the one with the camper: ) to improve steering/handling under heavy load & on rough tracks.

PS: 4/03/2016: I finished fittings these yesterday and loaded up the camper on the Defender. Let me say the difference is astonishing. The whole rig now handles like a passenger car; the ride is wonderful; everything feels so safe and relaxing. Looking forwards to many interesting trips. Watch this space!

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