What a Star

Available now on Kickstarter the new Unihertz Jelly (Star) phone for US$169ea (or US$310 for two).

I have been using the Jelly 2 for a couple of years now and found it just great. I will be ordering this new model because of the (much) improved camera. From 16 Megapixels to 48! Wow! Huge!

I have taken most of the photos on my blog The Ultralight Hiker the last two years with it. I don’t think you could complain about their quality, but the new camera looks set to blow them away. I will be able to zoom in and crop much smaller detail for example. Roughly (the equivalent of) ten times zoom I guess.

Jelly Star

For those who use the phone for other (internetty) things the new one comes with a much better processor and other specs. I mainly use a phone to talk (not even text) so this is not of so much interest to me but I notice that the GPS is excellent. I do use the phone to view maps and to navigate, plus I read heaps of books on it.

I probably read around ten books a week, sometimes more. Always have since I was around 4 years old. Those 70 years must create quite a tally, but I have only dipped my toe into the great ocean of literature still.

Jelly Star

I have used some other Apps. Star charts are interesting for outdoorsy types.

I like the Google Photo Scanner which allows you to scan a pic from an album etc into an acceptable form. Not quite as good as a top-end photo scanner but much better than you would otherwise get.

This is a great App to have on your phone if you are visiting relatives for example who may have ancestral photos you would like a copy of. They are so hard to get otherwise.

Jelly Star

There is also a document scanner App which I have found quite useful. Well there are so many as I’m sure you now. Whatever works on another smart phone will work on this one though there may be some which require a bigger screen.

The best thing s it still fits in your fob pocket and only weighs a fraction over 100 grams – so it is definitely the ultralight hiker’s chosen phone.

Oh, and it has this amazing (star) torch feature hence its name.

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