Moir’s Guide South: ‘The Great Southern Lakes and Fiords’:


Put yourself in that picture! There is something grand and aspiring about dreaming of the wild places – and these are some of the wildest places on earth. This is an indispensable companion to bushwalking/tramping in New Zealand. Even if it remains forever a ‘coffee table’ book, do buy it anyway. If you have a bent for exploration/ searching for the elusive moose as I do, it will suggest to you some interesting routes you may essay, eg: Supper Cove to Herrick Creek; Jane Burn to Gardiner Burn, Big River to Cromarty, Cromarty to Lake Roe, Slaughter Burn to Lake Poteriteri, Haast to the Hollyford…Unless you walk off-trail, you never really ‘own’ the wild places. Even just dipping into this great book from time to time lifts the spirits and fills one quite with a wondrous sense of adventure. Available eg:

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