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You’re never too old!

Back in 1955 Emma ‘Grandma’ Gatewood (67 – mother of eleven and grandmother of twenty-three) was the first person to solo hike the (3,000km = 5 million steps ) Appalachian trail using her own home-made gear…She stood five foot two and weighed 150 pounds and the only survival training she had were lessons learned earning …

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The importance of hunting

The importance of hunting: ‘The report shows that hunting contributes $417 million annually to the Victorian economy, making us second only to the Spring Racing Carnival in importance to the state.’

Clancy of the Overflow (Banjo Paterson)

One great thing about camping out in an open shelter (such as I posted about 27 May) you have this all your own: ‘And at night the wond’rous glory of the everlasting stars.’ Here is the whole poem, just in case you have forgotten it, or were so MUCH poorer, and never learned it: Clancy …

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A great hunting story.

A great hunting story; a reminder that there ARE still many wild places:

Bodies on Everest

It sure is getting crowded up there: I’m kind of glad I didn’t make it so far on my Everest trip. See eg:

How to Survive Falling Through Ice

“How to survive falling through the ice an illustrated guide” by The Art of Manliness: Except for the usefulness of beards, I guess this would work for women too… (follow the link for full article)

Mawson’s Expeditions

I have been really enjoying this website about Mawson’s expeditions (especially with the AGW ship stuck in the summer ice 75 km off-shore!). If I had been Mawson I would have fed the dead Mertz to the dogs in order to maximise the distance the dogs could pull me on the return journey before they …

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The Last Trapper 2004

Watched the movie/documentary, ‘The Last Trapper’ (2004) tonight. Well worth a look. It certainly reminds me of why I still push for multi-day wilderness hiking trips – if you have never done such a thing, you should. (Put it on your bucket list! At least!). We are planning several days hiking out of Supper Cove, …

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Mountain Men Films

I am laid up recuperating from spinal surgery so I am ‘festing” on these. Some of those mountain men were tough, eg Hugh Glass. There is an excellent 1971 movie loosely based on his life, ‘Man in the Wilderness’ I have just watched again…Glass  found himself abandoned, without weapons or equipment. He had festering wounds, …

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Hiking the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson has a new book on the year 1927, which is a very interesting idea for a book (Review here: I enjoyed his one about hiking the Appalachian trail ( )

Teddy Roosevelt

I just LOVE the wild places, and have long ago discovered Teddy’s various books about hunting too; I think I started with a book about hound hunting mountain lions in what is now Yellowstone. It should never be forgotten that this, the first national park in the world was declared by this great Republican President …

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