Moroka Gorge Falls:


Von Guearard Moroka Falls

Moroka Falls copy

A friend sent me a digital copy of this C19th Von Guerard painting (above). I have lurked in the Mount Darling-Snowy Bluff Wilderness quite a lot…I thought we had been to the Moroka Falls (twice – eg but we had only been to the UPPER Falls – as the clip from Vicmap Moroka South T8223-2-S shows. This map plus the Avenza Pdf Maps App I have frequently mentioned ( should get us there (probably with a bit of bush bashing). Last time we were there we noticed no sign of the closed road or hiking trail to the lower falls. As well, if we wanted to stand in the same spot as Von Guerard it looks like we would have to come down from the Shanty Hollow track. As it is 1,000 metres higher than where we live (thus @ 8C cooler) we should find a day this summer to explore the area. Our friend will also want to be in on it! Of course the painting probably shows winter river flows:

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