Ultralight Compact Hiking Pole:

We have used GG’s LT4 poles for many years. In just the last year mine have been to Everest and back, and many other places besides, such as the Dusky Track, and Mt Bartle Frère for example. The LT4s are a little long to fit in your pack when you are not using them, though GG packs have attachment points on the outside they can be lashed to. I have a pair of shortened (2’) two section poles which will fit in my pack, but these LT5s will do so right from the store. These would make a great Xmas present for your hiking other if you order them now. https://www.gossamergear.com/products/lt5-three-piece-carbon-trekking-poles-pair  US$195 per pair.

The collapsed poles have a short profile


Pole with strap and basket – 5.3 oz / 150 g

Pole –  4.6 oz / 130 g

Strap and screw – .4 oz / 12 g

Basket – .3 oz / 8 g

Adjust from

23.5″ / 60 cm when closed to 51″ 130 cm when fully extended for hiking

Section Lengths

Top section 19.5″ / 49.53 cm

Middle section 19.25″ / 48.98 cm

Tip section 18.75″ / 47.62 cm

(Sections are replaceable separately should you break one – unlikely, though I have managed to cut one of my LT4s in half with a machete – don’t ask!)

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