Sub 100 Grams Carbon Fibre Hiking Poles

(Updated) We have been using the Naturehike Carbon Fibre Poles at 128 grams for quite a while now but we admit that we would benefit from saving an ounce per arm with these little guys so we are going to try a pair out at US$88 per Pair. If you would understand why you should read these posts: A Lazy Man’s Guide to Hiking and Hunting & Ultralight Hiking #102 & Mastering the Hiking Energy Budget.

Though they ‘break down into four short sections (which is great for travel etc) they are ‘fixed length’ poles so they will not be so much use as tent poles as the Naturhikes & etc though you can always carry short length/s (or ‘jacks’) of carbon fibre tube to extend them to the correct height for your tent.

However I make my own Ultralight Tent Poles which s more convenient really when you want to leave your tent (camp) to go for a walk somewhere. Also you don’t risk the poles breaking. A stout bush pole (which can also be used as a clothes line) is a much better tent pole really – and the ultralight saw only weighs around an ounce. Nonetheless you may find this post useful: How to Make a Tent Pole out of two hiking poles.

I figure to disconnect that (maybe 2-5 gram) strap (don’t use one -too dangerous. Della dislocated her shoulder that way) though I do use a light string loop when I want to hang the poles on my wrist to take a photo. I think I can adapt that string they come with d-for that purpose perhaps by adding an extra length (with a reef knot) and a micro cord lock. The 1.05 metre poles should suit me and should come down to under 100 grams with the strap removed.

These poles are ‘Pioneer’ brand and are available at this store on Aliexpress. NB: You pay need to search for ‘Pioneer poles dyneema’.

Mine came in about three weeks and are a lively fluoro red colour – very hard to lose!

As you can see I did cut off the strap and attached a dyneema extension to the cord including a micro cord lock in case I ever want to hang them on my wrist for photography crossing walk-wires etc. I don’t recommend using wrist straps because of the danger of dislocating one’s shoulder and such (which Della did because of using them). The joins are very strong, and because they do not taper so are the poles. Much moreso than any other carbon fibre poles we have owned. These ones are 105 cm and weigh 104 grams now. I suspect they will weigh <100 grams when I take that bit of (lower) excess foam off (below the handle). I will jut wait in case it is useful for anything. They are a really delightful weight. A highly recommended set of hiking poles.

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