The Ultra Light Hiker

Birds in our garden:

My new camera is allowing me to make a bit of a collection/study of these guys. We are lucky enough to have over a hundred species of birds visit our garden from time to time, so it will take a … Continued

Parrot Linguists:

This afternoon on our walk (around the forestry plantations West of Yinnar) a huge flock of these beauties came in to roost on some young gums near us. There must have been 200-400 of them, so it was quite a … Continued

Satin Bower Bird

Della: And look at this little fellow, snapped from our bedroom window yesterday morning….a satin bower-bird, munching the last of the Royal Gala apples with no less than 18 currawongs for company. Our bird book says that it is either … Continued


Two lovely fat bronzewings enjoying autumn under the Fuji yesterday…Was also visited by a pipit on the verandah outside my (computer) window – the first I have seen here, though I have been hearing him/them and wondering, ‘What Bird Is … Continued