Ultralight Camp Shower

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While we are on the subject of cleanliness, you should know that Sea to Summit make an excellent ultralight camp shower. They have reduced its weight over the years so that it now weighs a mere 120 grams. I suspect … Continued

Bathtime on the Trail: The One Gram Platypus Shower:

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An ordinary water bottle cap will fit any Platypus bottle https://www.platy.com/bottles-storage (by the wonderful Cascade Designs who also make the absolutely best Sleeping Pad: https://www.thermarest.com/mattresses/womens-neoair-xlite). You can make holes with a large needle (doll needle pictured – much safer). With … Continued

Ultralight Personal Hygiene:

Some of these issues are a bit of a ‘No No’, but someone needs to bring them up. Personally I am particularly disgusted by folks who scatter personal hygiene products (and worse!) around in the bush. Please: bury, burn or … Continued

Bush Shower: Mechanical Advantage

This is an excellent idea: it would work well with a solar shower or camp shower too such as this one sold by Sea to Summit which weighs about 100 grams (if you ditch the stuff sack). I find two … Continued