Dual Action Survival Fish Hooks

Fishing in a hiking or survival situation is more about getting something to eat than fishing ethics or legality so you may want to make quite sure you do secure that piscine repast. These dual action fish hooks lock onto … Continued

Four Gram Fishing Handlines:

Found these 100 mm x 12 mm screw cap aluminium canisters in the shed. Room inside each for a few hooks, sinkers, spinners, a needle etc. So I have ditched the 15 gram dental floss, and my 10 gram BCB … Continued

Lightweight Fishing Rods & Reels

If you are interested in hiking/fishing, these lightweight rods and reels are interesting too (http://penfishingrods.com/shop/products.php?category_id=13) and these are just about the best hand casters in the world: http://www.moontrail.com/accessrs/a-misc/handline.html See also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/pen-fishing-rods/