The Ultra Light Hiker

Ultralight Pen #2:

Valiant Concepts Titanium Keychain Pen: Designed to live on your keychain and go anywhere you go, The Valiant Concepts Keychain Pen is there when you need it, and practically disappears when you don’t. Featuring a pressurized Fisher ink cartridge and … Continued

Miniature Pens:

Some of these would make an interesting stocking filler. Whilst nowhere near as Ultralight as my own some of them are quite interesting. Being able to have a pen handy on your keychain is a good idea, as is … Continued

Ultralight Pen:

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  World’s lightest pen? Perhaps. Anyway at @ 1 gram and for US$3 you have a 2 ½’ (6.5cm) pen which will write on practically any surface, even upside down or under water or in space. Fisher Space Pen’s Sealed … Continued

Waterproof Notepads:

If you spend much time at all outdoors, sometime the need to make a note in the rain will occur. Then you will need some waterproof paper such as (since 1916!) or etc. For example, Rite in the … Continued