Six Moon Designs Dyneema Pack Review

I don’t know whether I posted a report on my Six Moon Designs Dyneema pack, the Swift – which I think my wife gave me earlier for Xmas. It has proved wonderfully comfortable and durable. It would be hard to beat in a 428 gram pack (at $110!). I switched the waist belt for a single one as I had difficulty doing the double one up (arthritis, stoutness). I have snagged the netting side pockets on blackberries and would recommend they make them out of Dyneema too. The roll-top closure is interesting. The pack is big enough (for me) to carry everything I need for a week’s hike (which it did on the Dusky Track NZ in April). I recommend too the Thermarest Women’s NeoAir XLite mat at 320 g and the Montbell UL Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 sleeping bag at 624g which together bring the ‘big three’ to under 1400 grams total! Add approx 500 grams for my new Tyvek tent!

Here it is in the Kintail, Fiordland New Zealand:

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