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At $13.99 (& 11 grams!) I think this is almost indispensable if you want to fuel your narcissism (& who does not these days!) ‘Now you can finally be included in all of your trail photos. Be in your own shots or be joined by friends and family. This size #2 StickPic (see Additional Info tab) attaches to the tip of your pole. Use this fun little gadget for high and low angle backcountry photography. In less then ten seconds screw the adapter on to your camera and then attach to the trekking pole tip. Now you’ve created your very own selfie stick, which you can easily carry into the backcountry.

This product is for users who already walk with hiking poles! Trail Tip: Works with a Gopro using their Tripod Adapter. You can also attach your smartphone, with an additional mount accessory. Standard 1/4-20 Camera-to-Tripod thread. Check that it fits the tip of your poles (or buy the best: GG’s LT4s!) &

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