Ultralight Pocket Lockpick

54 grams: The SouthOrd Jackknife Lockpick. How could you go anywhere without one? Why bother to carry keys at all? They are probably heavier then this anyway. A great substitute for the Keychain Reinvented. Of course it might take a little practice to actually open your front door with it – and it may be highly illegal in some jurisdictions. In Victoria our Government are awful kill-joys who won’t even allow us to make a shanghai, let along carry a pocket shanghai when hiking, should we want to knock over a coney or scare away some nasty like a dingo perhaps, so carrying one of these would most likely incur the death penalty or something. Usual price US$39.95 from South Ord. Available on Massdrop for US$32.99. Instructions are also available from South Ord.


Tempered stainless steel construction

3.5 x 0.25 in (89 x 6.30 mm)

1.91 oz (54.15 g)


Half diamond pick

Half single ball pick

Snake rake pick

Long hook pick

Key type pick

Key extractor

Tension wrench


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