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Boastful food shots:

Della: ‘I have generally eschewed these on FB, but this one is a little different from the norm, I think. Nothing flash, not the good china, not the expensive restaurant, just what I dished up for Steve and myself for tonight’s tea after a latish walk with the dogs. As a somewhat hit-and-miss vegie gardener, …

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A Hiking Food Compendium:

Folks are always asking me, ‘What do you eat on the trail?’ I have posted about this again and again, but I just thought I would bring all my posts about this together as one compendium. When you get tired of eating all these you could just quit life or hiking I guess. A couple …

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Hiking Tarka Dal

This continues a series of recipes on simple Dals which you can make quickly from dried ingredients for hiking. Each of these dals has its own unique taste so that you will not tire of them (at least so long as you intersperse them with some of my other recipes). To a litre of water, …

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Food Dehydration:

  As mentioned before we have a food dehydrator, so Della often dries some of her superb meals for our later delectation on the trail (her Shepherd’s Pie, for example). I know some of you are not so lucky (as to have either a dehydrator or a Della!). You will just have to do without …

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A Simple Backpacking Dahl

This simple delicious dahl uses only dry ingredients you can buy very cheaply from any supermarket and store in a snaplock bag for preparation on the trail. It will make a litre of tasty nutritious dahl which will probably be more than you can eat. You should try this at home tonight before you head …

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Hiking Food

HIKING FOOD: We are always working on this: one thing is pretty certain: those dehydrated meals sold in hiking shops & etc are almost universally inedible. We did a survey of them, cooking them up and sampling them at lunchtime at home, rating them: edible, palatable, inedible, disgusting etc. Then we fed them to our …

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A recipe for folks who want to experience just how hard life was in the past.  I think you should try it. I used to eat it with relish when I was a kid, but back then kids were always hungry and would eat just about anything. You only have to notice how much taller …

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Della’s Coconut Rice: (Hiking Food):

People so often ask me this question, ‘But what do you eat…? I hope you will forgive me if I post about it fairly often and repeat myself…We have a home dehydrator, so this gives us a few more options, but you CAN dehydrate things in your home oven (if you are careful). Dehydrating cooked …

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A Ball of String and a Feed of Cray:

Once you have your feed of trout (See Below) you will have some heads, tails, fins etc left over. Now you have your cray bait for the next course! All you need to catch them is a bit of string. I have wound 50lb line on my ultralight hand line (because it was what …

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Steve’s Ultralight Fish Chowder

Following my post about Hand Line Fly Fishing I have had several requests for the Hiking Fish Chowder recipe so that I had to make it for lunch, and it was excellent. I doubt you have had a better hiking meal. Try it at home, then make sure you take the ingredients when you next …

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Hiking Food / Customs Gestapo

We had a bad trip with one of these guys at Queenstown airport. Every other time I have been in NZ, they accepted I knew what I was doing, had cleaned my gear properly, had only proper hiking food (no dangerous, illegal imports etc), but this time we encountered a Pommie import who had not …

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Hiking Food: French Onion Soup Plus:

  Mixing dehydrated ingredients can make an interesting and nutritious meal. You SHOULD try this at home before heading out. Here is an example: McKenzie’s Superblend Fibre ‘Freekah, Lentils & Beans’ (350 grams) plus Continental French Onion Soup (49 grams) plus Continental Classic Tomato CupaSoup (24 grams) . I also added a pinch of Masterfoods …

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More Hiking Food: Dorsogna Mild Twiggy Sticks

(Safeway & etc). These are very tasty and last exceptionally out of the fridge. I have had one sitting on the kitchen shelf now for a month without any outward sign of spoilage, though of course it has gone hard – but still tasty, and no doubt lighter. They work well for a snack eg …

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Fish for Lunch

We have just discovered this excellent product which no doubt had been hiding for years at our local supermarket (in with other spreads such as jam – which we hardly ever eat, and not the canned fish): John West’s Tuna Spread. Della ‘found’ a can and brought it along on our recent Wonnangatta canoe trip …

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Hiking Food Recipes

Many great hiking food recipes:

Hiking Food: Continental Spring Vegetable Simmer Soup

Making (delicious use) of everyday supermarket dehydrated food instead of those awful backpacking meals: Continental Spring Vegetable Simmer Soup + 500 ml water (1/2 quantity) + I Tablespoon (approx) Surprise Garden Peas + 8 Teaspoons Continental Deb Instant Mashed Potato. Try it. Yoou could try adding some of this to it if you want some …

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Carman’s – Great Hiking Food

Two new recommendations: Breakfast/Trail: Carman’s Cranberry Apple & Nut Crunchy Clusters (needs no milk) & Snack: Carman’s Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli Bar. Both these have the ‘Low GI’ tick meaning (both) that they are suitable for folks with diabetes (or helping prevent it) and that they will keep you going for a long time …

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More Hiking Food: Low GI

MORE HIKING FOOD: Low GI and cooks in seven minutes, and VERY tasty: Low GI food (like porridge etc) will last you a lot longer as it takes longer to digest. It is also much better for your health. See also:

Hiking Food: McKenzie’s Quick Cook Soups

McKenzie’s Quick Cook Soups (180 grams per packet). We tried the first of these, Hearty Vegetable tonight. I expected it would need a bit of spicing up but it did not; it was excellent. HIGHLY recommended. Also discovered that you can thicken a soup (and add nutrition) by stirring in some Continental (Deb) Mashed Potato …

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Hiking Food: Peasant Bread

Peasant Bread Is The Best and Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make. Will have to try this: