Supercat Hiking Stove

This is a very useful hiking stove you can make with a paper punch from Officeworks and some empty cat food cans. Its inception was a genius idea from Jim Woods. Be sure you only use the punch on aluminium cans. I have found that there are two sizes of aluminium can and that one …

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Great Ocean Road

Some photos from our recent tour of the Great Ocean Road with our friend Steve Hutchison who I met hiking on the Dusky Track in Fiordland.  

Giant Toe Rock: Wilson’s Prom

A gorgeous afternoon at the giant toe rock at Wilson’s Promontory.

Lifesystems Thermal Jacket

Now HERE is a GREAT idea: Lifesystems’ Thermal Jacket. 51 grams. I bought some at Bogong in Little Bourke St yesterday. Here is a fetching photo of me modelling one. It MAY never catch on as chic apparel but WILL no doubt have a place at fancy dress parties & etc. BUT what a great …

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Stealth Camping

  We have been off ‘stealth camping’ for a few days in our trayback camper on the Defender. Each night we have been able to chose a delightful spot in one of our National Parks, Marine Reserves, etc where there is an icon illustrating a tent crossed out (Well, we don’t have a tent!) and …

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Woodchopping Tip

Woodchopping: A tip I learned from Col Francis: don’t cut the block as you would a tomato or an orange; peel it like an onion: ie: work your way in from the outside…

Early Easter 4WD Misadventure

We set out Tuesday lunchtime with the camper planning to see some of the Snowy River before returning Thursday night….the best laid plans, as they say…. First problem was in the change of destination en-route…we thought that time was a bit short, so perhaps we should explore the Caledonia river area instead. First night was …

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Canoeing the Thomson River

Spent a pleasant day yesterday white-water canoeing on the Thomson River with Simon Schutte testing out the new back and the new and old Alpacka (TM) pack rafts: definitely recommended gear, company, leisure activity…

Alpacka Pack Raft

My new (fortieth anniversary) Alpacka pack raft has arrived. I am very keen to try it out. Perhaps this Saturday, weather and back permitting… Here it is much later on the Seaforth River Fiordland New Zealand. See:  

Solo Pack Rafting with a Motorbike

I now need one of these devices to aid me in my solo pack rafting: PS: I did buy one and I have used it many times. Nonetheless I am going to make a better one of my own.  

A New Jack Russell: “Spot”

Our new baby Jack Russell, ‘Spot’. Our older Jack Russell ‘Tiny’ is delighted with her new charge and is taking her ‘auntie’ status very seriously!

Tamar Valley & Beauty Point: Tasmania

Riviera on the Tamar: “The Tamar Hotel” who could want for more? The beds and shower are soft, the sheets are clean, the beer cold enough to bite. The meals excellent and inexpensive: I really enjoyed the $7 salt and pepper squid with sweet chilli sauce, a $19 mixed grill too large to eat with …

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Four Wheel Campers

We got our camper from in California sometime back. We have been away in it a few times and found it brilliant (especially the bed). The gas fridge keeps everything nice and cold. We have a space heater and a water heater with an outside shower. We may add a rooftop solar panel to supplement the …

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Back Operation

Good morning world: I am alive and on my feet, no pain or other unpleasant sensations below the wound in my back so I trust it is fixed! There will be no stopping me from here on in! Thank you to everyone for your support and kind thoughts. I imagine they will still want to …

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Alpacka Rafts

I was going to treat myself to a new canoe to celebrate my successful back operation this Saturday (you have to be optimistic) and so was going to purchase an Alpacka raft ( with which I plan to tackle the Snowy as soon as I am recovered – probably alone, as Della’s eyesight won’t let …

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Fires in Gippsland

Woke to lots of fog sailing past smelling of smoke. DSE have now taken down ANY fire map, so (though they admit that the fire is now twice as large as it was on Friday), we can have no idea where it is. The Southern front of the fire is about 30-40 km away stretching …

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The Best Canoe Shop

In answer to a comment: The best canoe shop undoubtedly is ‘Capacity Sports’ in Bay Rd near Westfield Southland. No-one locally has much. There are many to chose from, but also many that are not very good. I think you should borrow a couple of ours first (we have a variety). No-one much has improved …

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Gippsland’s Rivers

I love Gippsland’s rivers. There are so many where a week or more’s placid canoeing can be had. I think it would be a good idea to replace the Bible and the Koran in church and mosque with the book, ‘Canoeing the Rivers & Lakes of Victoria’ by Chris & Yvonne McLaughlin! It is three …

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First Trip in the Tray Back Camper

We bought a tray back camper from in California sometime back. We have just been away in it and found it brilliant (especially the bed). The gas fridge kept everything nice and cold. We have a space heater and a water heater with an outside shower. We may add a rooftop solar panel to …

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Ultralight Canadian Canoe

Only 13 Kilograms! Now available in Oz: Velcro on a silnylon skirt and THIS could be just about the perfect one-person touring white water canoe:, and now that Della needs to be paddled THIS could be our new two-person touring canoe for flat water and moderate rapids. Can easily see us spending a leisurely …

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