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The Year of the Dog

This year was certainly also ‘The Year of the Dog’. Once we owned 17 dogs! A year ago we still had 8, a healthy number. We are now down to one (Tiny, our son’s 12 year old Jack Russell). I decided to give away the last half dozen of my hounds to a young fellow hunter as …

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Sheep Farm Retirement

Our commercial farm finally settled on Feb 1st so we are officially retired sheep farmers. We still have the 25 acre home property at Jeeralang Junction and about sixty Finn ewes – so we have enough to be going on with. We hope to complete the house and repair all the deterioration which has occurred …

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Kumato Tomato

There is a ‘new’ tomato called a ‘kumato‘ apparently originally from the Galapagos Islands which is interesting – though this may be spin. It is deliciously sweet. I recommend you try some, & save and plant the seeds. it is a small tomato so you should still get a crop if you are quick.

Gippsland Bushfires

In February we had the many fires. We had fires here a week BEFORE ‘Black Saturday’ so we were sort of veterans by the time the worst arrived – and we WERE much better prepared because we had already been threatened for a week. The earlier fires: the Mirboo North/Boolarra fires affected many people we …

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