Dettol Hand Sanitising Wipes

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vs Kleenex Anti-Bacterial Wipes: Dettol are 20cmx15cm. Kleenex are 20cm x 13.9cm. Dettol come in a 10 pack = 48 grams (4.8 grams/wipe) ; Kleenex in a 15 pack = 79 grams (5.2 grams/wipe). The resealable pack is more compact too. If you are only going to use say 2 wipes/day, you save 39 grams in your pack for a five day trip. It all adds up! This is about a muesli bar’s worth of food. Ten savings like this and you have an extra day’s food! Update: Woolworths Select Brand 15 pack = 61 grams (somewhat smaller 4.06 grams/wipe) in a very compact pack may also be worth consideration. NB Kleenex (resealable) Pocket Pack Ultra Soft Tissues (21cm x 21 cm) weighs 23 grams).

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